Psalm 82b - How do WE share in the Divine Nature?

Psalm 82(b) -We Are Spiritually ONE With Him

When we looked at Jesus' prayer for us in John 17 we saw that we are brought into complete unity with the Father and the Son.
The Holy Spirit is that within us which:
1. Makes us the Bride Of Christ
2. Makes us completely ONE with the Father and the Son
The Spiritual "Eve"

Eve was taken from the rib of Adam. Then, in marriage, woman and man become "one flesh".
We are created IN CHRIST. As the Bride of Christ we are ONE SPIRIT with Him.
So we see that the Holy Spirit, in Us, is the source of the "divinity" we share.

A Corporate Divinity - not individual "gods"
Since the entire Church is the "Bride Of Christ", we have a corporate experience of sharing in the divine nature. Communion is called "communion" because it's an expression of our "sharing" the divine nature IN COMMON.
Christ is formed in US

Then God turns it around. He even says womanhood is "saved" by this.

When Mary became the HUMBLE MAIDSERVANT of God - Jesus was conceived in her through the Holy Spirit. Paul talks about being "in travail" until Christ is formed in us. Being made into His Image through the work of the Holy Spirit IS, according to Ephesians 4, what we are all about.

Don't try to DEIFY Mary
Some groups imagine - contrary to scripture - that Mary was sinlessly perfect - the "Mother Of God" or "The Queen Of Heaven". There is no virtue in deifying her - it is a great sin.

Yes, she is a "type" or "picture" of the Church. Her humility is Luke 7 humility (the woman who washed His feet with her tears), however. Our love is a very distinct and special kind of love. We love because He forgave us. Our sharing in the divine nature is something we are undeserving of. Our tears of gratitude are a large part of what makes us so beautiful in His eyes. Humility and gratitude - from a broken hearted and forgiven sinner - is very beautiful.
Gomer is ALSO a picture of the Church

Gomer was the prostitute the prophet Hosea was required to marry - to show the patience of God in putting up with His People - Israel and the Church - who have been chronically and compulsively unfaithful to Him.

God isn't glorified by this perfect little Snow White fantasy of a deified Mary. God is glorified by taking US - like he took the prostitute Rahab - and redeeming us. And Rahab became the great, great grandmother of King David - and the distant grandmother of our Lord Jesus.

Mary is, indeed, a picture of the Church - of sinners redeemed by Grace - and made into a beautiful Bride - clothed in RADIANT WHITE through he Holy Spirit and the Righteousness Of Jesus - and miraculously transformed into someone in whom "Christ is Formed".

A Bad Joke
In this Psalm, those who act like "gods" - thinking of themselves as virtually IMMORTAL and UNACCOUNTABLE, are thrown down into death - losing all vestige of deity or immortality.
In fact, it's almost sarcastic (you "gods"!).

Ezekial says that if a righteous person forsakes his righteousness and lives a life of sin and self, they will be judged. Likewise, if a person leaves a life of sin and godlessness, and receives His Righteousness into their lives, they will NOT be judged.

"Once saved always saved" is false according to scripture.

It is true that "many are called but few are chosen". The difference is HUMILITY.

If you feel unworthy of IMMORTALITY, ABSOLUTE FORGIVENEsS, HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and a complete CHRIST IDENTITY - it's a good sign you are actually saved. I've watched cocky, presumptuous people fall away over the years. The humble, who know they are UNWORTHY of the blessings we have been given, are the ones who turn out to be saved.

So if we are humble, if we take up our cross and follow HIM, knowing that WE don't even deserve the honor of SUFFERING FOR HIM - then WE are LIKE Him.

He is the very Son Of God. He is "our Lord and our God". When we are humble like Him - knowing that we HAVE sinned and deserve whatever we get in life - then we have the Divine Nature through the Holy Spirit.
We are part of the BRIDE OF CHRIST - the beautiful, humble Bride Of Christ.

The man crucified with Jesus has OUR attitude as we bear our cross. "We suffer justly. But this man has DONE NOTHING WRONG!"
Does that touch you?
Does that bring tears to your eyes?
Then this is that Divine Spirit in you - this is that special unique beauty so pleasing in His eyes - this is the humility that causes you to YIELD and RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.

If you have not yielded to God - you aren't a "god" - you will die in your sins. You can have all the doctrine in the world to support your ASSUMPTION that you are immortal in Him - that you have eternal life.

Only those who yield to Him can bear fruit. Only those who bear good fruit (unlike these "gods" in this Psalm) are saved.

Only in YIELDING to Him can you be spiritually ONE with Him. Yield to Him in brokenness. His Spirit will immediately fill you. You will enter into an amazing "First Love" experience with Him.
And when he returns He will NOT say, "Depart from me. I never KNEW you". (He cannot know you unless you YIELD to Him).

You will hear "well done good and faithful servant".
A broken and contrite heart He will NOT despise!


Yes he did no wrong only for what he knew or proclaimed which was truth and justice knowledge and understanding of the heavenly Nature , that they couldn't understand because they was not in the Spirit and the Word ,

Thus the saying If you had known the father then you would know Me , He told them read the scripture and they testify of Me , If you had known God The Word , then you would know I speak of Him and am not speaking of myself , but He who has sent me !

In the beginning was the Word And the Word Was God !

Nice blog !

God bless, Mark

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