Super Romance - The Love Above All Loves and the Heart of Romance

The romance of romances is between Jesus and His Bride. It is "super romance" - romance above romance - encompassing so much more.

The Song Of Solomon isn't just a love song - as many try to say. It has very clear allegorical elements. It is the Song of Jesus and His Bride.

"So come to the night there to empty our lives to be fulfilled by the flowers of dawn"

That verse from "Songs For The Bride" captures the passion of our "Higher Love" - the spiritual Love that is so far above other loves that it captures them all and exceeds them all. The romantic element is a major and very strong thread.
Romeo and Juliet "buy it" in the final scene. Not good. I hate "tragedies"

But "come to the night there to empty our lives" speaks of the intimacy that can only come when we lay down our lives. The scene in "The Tale Of Two Cities" where SydneyCotton and the young maiden go to the guillotine together gives you some idea what I mean.
"to be fulfilled by the flowers of dawn" speaks, with great pathos, of the awe and wonder of sharing in His Resurrection.
There's no beating that. No way!

As I spend hours in worship and praise I think sometimes . . "Is it really possibly true that the God of the Universe actually loves ME? Does God really take pleasure as I pour out my tears and my adoration and praise?" At first I think it's not really possible - and insanely ego centric. Then I remember how the sinful woman poured out her love on Jesus. It was no problem whatsoever to Him. My mind is blown as I'm forced to accept it.

Often, when caught up in the Spirit, I no longer am me. Rather I express the Love of God's collective Bride - when it's not about me at all but only about HIM. Then, too, we see many times in scripture where Nehemiah or others speak collectively for God's people. And I'm interceding in the Spirit. After all, it is the SPIRIT in us - the gift of God - which causes us to BE the Bride of Christ. God in US expresses adoration to Jesus. So we are in God and He is in us.

I lose all consciousness of self and am lifted . . . lifted . .. lifted into complete Spiritual Union with God - praying in the Spirit.

Yes. We are always one with Him. I'm also always one flesh with my wife. But it wouldn't be worth very much if there was never any intimacy - now would it?!

So, too, He cherishes our Love.

Joanne Douglas @jdjames ·

Hi, Kip. Miss your voice as God has taken me on other paths for a time. This is so beautifully written, an area I have been studying. You have brought it together perfectly for me. thank you. jd

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