The Battle Of Detroit - The Glass Menagerie and My Little Angel

If you are in big need of a meltdown - so you will care more deeply about people, watch the old classic movie "The Glass Menagerie". I do appreciate movies that leave you changed for the better.

It made me remember the little angel I found last week. She's SO like the "sister" in the movie. If you hate the ending of the movie - and many of you will - realize how SATISFYING it is to have an experience like mine - where the movie gets a HAPPY ending in real life.

You have such a little angel somewhere in your world. So try watching it, and see what I mean - if you'd like.

When I was young I would explore the woods - searching. What will I find over that ridge? Where is the most solitary and beautiful spot in the grove of evergreens?

Now I explore Detroit with the same sensation. But I'm always looking for a broken heart that needs mending - or young loser who can be formed by God into a Valiant Warrior. I found both last week - and then some. But those two really poured their hearts out.

I got there. "Little Angel" was upstairs. She has a disability. She seemed to be taking forever. She came down with perfect black satin hair, formed into a cute little doll shape. She wore a burgundy velvet dress. Her little angel face was petite and beautiful.

Stephen had prayed for her when she was a very, very sick little infant. I think he's a Great Big Hero to her.

Some things you never forget.
That moment was one of them.

So watch the movie. Then go find a broken heart and bring love, joy and healing. You're living a dream! Is it real? I have a hard time believing it, but it is so very real.

Yet out there, some little angel is crying herself to sleep tonight.
And others, worse yet, have lost the heart even to weep.

Why did God give you that sword, the training in war, the desire to fight and rescue the downtrodden. You were made for war.

Go fight.
Fight for those too crushed and broken to fight for themselves.

It's available on Netflix for immediate viewing

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful to see you back with this latest blog which spills over with your passion for the city that you love and fight for.


Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

[quote]Go fight.
Fight for those too crushed and broken to fight for themselves.[/quote]
This has been on my heart of late, partly because of my own need for someone to stand in the gap for me when I've felt too crushed and broken to fight for myself and partly too for others I sense that are too "crushed and broken" to fight for themselves. How "urgently" we need one another when we are pressed down like this.

Excellent insight, dear Kip! God bless you and your "always!"

Kip Petzold @peoplepower ·

Something very special for any seekers who have been reading this.

Hold On - by Kansas

"Outside your door he is waiting, waiting for you
Sooner or later you know he's got to come through

No hesitation and no holding back
Let it all go and you'll know you're on the track!"

[url=]Hold On - by Kansas[/url]

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