The Fruit Of The Spirit - Humility (Part 3a.1 - Wisdom & Knowledge)

Growing In Wisdom & Knowledge - Phase 1 "First Love" Wisdom & Knowledge When you first surrender to God you get everything - since God gives you Himself - and there's nothing like it! It's amazing that, long after you've moved on in maturity to a place of absolute wonder, you'll often crave a return to the beauty you enjoyed in the beginning. And "First Love" wisdom is special. God found you pathetic, hopeless - longing for a love as enticing a scent of Paradise carried on a summer breaze - but totally out of reach . . . Until you discovered the wonders of "Sweet Surrender" - and entered a totally new realm. If that wasn't your experience, don't worry. In fact, you should be thrilled - because you have a New Day waiting just around the corner. Religion and our natural state of confusion can cheat us. But all you need to do is wait on God. It's HIS job to fill you with His Spirit. Your only job is to believe and wait on Him. You really enter "Phase One" in your quest for God's Wisdom and Knowledge when you abandon everything and begin to follow Jesus as His disciple. So get a good start. A bad start can only yield a bad result. Begin anew if you've been cheated in any way. God will cherish you as you do. True Wisdom You'll never "outgrow" Sacred Scripture. But your attitude regarding your own ability to know and understand biblical truth will change, radically, as you grow. Churchianity has an unbiblical approach to the study of scripture. That's easy to prove - since they have no shame at all regarding their fondness for "Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist or Baptist Doctrine". Human doctrine is worthless. They glory in their shame. Yes there is an alternative. Paul rejected religious sectarian thinking. The simplicity of the gospel leads us to apostolic doctrine. And what in the world can possibly be wrong with simply sitting at the feet of Jesus and learning from Him in humility? The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Let No Man Spoil You How did you begin? You began by being obsessed with Jesus. And that is exactly how you should continue all the way to full maturity. This is exactly what Paul was trying to tell the Galatian believers. A denomination called "The Circumcision" was trying to gain control over them. Paul told them that the same thing that got them saved would take them safely all the way to the end. This Is The First Phase Of Spiritual Growth The first phase is to enter a personal relationship with the Lord - and abandon everything else. No lovers on the side - OK? Not Jesus plus Catholicism, Lutheranism, or what have you. Just Jesus. This is the infant stage. And most bible college teachers have fallen short of the level of infancy. So the last thing you need to be doing is soaking up their poison. Who Are You? The Pope? The other key ingredient, however, is to realize that "everything you know is incorrect". That's easy when you've passed from death to life. Maybe you were religious in a previous life. Maybe not. But Americans tend to be overly impressed with their own ability to figure things out. Who are YOU? The Pope? You need to sit at the feet of Jesus and the apostles. One of my key mentors, now, is a Catholic. He'll never turn me into their brand of Catholic anyway. He just gives me a "leg up" getting back to the Apostolic Faith. And he makes me question my assumptions. Learn from people. Be humble. Listen. Treasure all your brothers and sisters in Christ. But don't let them take you captive for a human system of teaching. If you can find a mentor who can teach you God's truth - help you with the Old Testament - spark your interest in the "Jesus Mysteries" of scripture - FANTASTIC. Learn To Love It's all jibber jabber if you don't learn to receive and give God's Pure Love. This should light your heart on fire! Can you imagine going to "The School Of Love"? Jesus is The Desire Of All Mankind! The passion of His Suffering Love for us keeps me constantly occupied. Part 2 in this series addressed our attitude toward pain and suffering - and the training we need. Constantly reflect back on what you learned about your heart and your relationship with Jesus as you move forward. And the other areas in which we need to grow blend with what we are saying now, and enrich your understanding. When your head runs ahead of your heart the result can be tragic. Moving On Into Spiritual Maturity You had to humble yourself and admit that "everything you know is incorrect" to be born again into your new life. But one of the characteristics of the spiritual Infant is that they are so thrilled with what they've learned that they tend to lack humility regarding the knowledge they've obtained. It's natural that when someone introduces you to Jesus, saves you from eternal damnation, and helps you enter into a foretaste of Spiritual Paradise that you should be thrilled with them and everything you've heard from them. And that's okay in phase one because in phase one you aren't doing a lot of teaching - mostly learning. But before you are fit to teach anyone, you must become far more humble. If your group imagines that they are the only ones who "have it right", you're probably in trouble. Your peers will feed your pride and boasting - and often punish anything you say that doesn't seem to build up the Tower Of Babel they are building. Non-Denominational groups can be as bad, or worse, than denominational. So embrace humility. It will serve you well. Moving On To Deeper Wisdom You're not going to leave anything good behind as you move on. Hang on to your "First Love" with all your heart! Nor do you really gain anything you don't already have. If you have Jesus you have everything. But a baby Christian is loved, comforted and served by the more mature. You TEND to be rightly concerned with yourself, in the beginning. You seek teaching, mentoring, correction, encouragement, healing, etc. You'll say, "God gave me 'this'". Or "God healed me from 'that'". Wonderful! And it's our pleasure to love and serve you as long as we need to. But eventually you will crave to move on to maturity. Don't get me wrong - Jesus has been everything! And you sure learned to love others like never before. But God wants you to humbly confess your need to grow before you start trying to teach, mentor, or direct others. And all the time you're learning to turn from self as you praise and worship Jesus. So in the next section we'll discuss "Phase Two" in your growth in Wisdom & Knowledge. Already you've left Churchianity far behind. "God Fearing" seekers - religious folks still bound by tradition - may marvel at you and think of you as a "super saint". Well, you are a spiritual Child Of God. But you're actually lacking humility. And you're lacking stamina and discipline. Even Jesus recognized His need to be trained by his Heavenly Father - "learning obedience through the things he suffered". So You're really in good company. continued

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

[b]This is a wonderful blog![/b]

Good, sound, well-written [spiritual] content that is nicely formatted and enjoyable to read. *The line below really leaped out at me:

[quote]You're not going to leave anything good behind as you move on. Hang on to your "First Love" with all your heart![/quote]
God Bless.

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Most Welcome Brother Peoplepower. :welcome: Yes, its' important to be humble to grow in maturity of our walk with God. Humilty will bring us far and bring us near to God.

Thanks for sharing. Do enjoy your time here. Continue to share and I look forward to your future blogs.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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