Welcome to 2015 anno domini - the year of our Lord

Welcome to 2015 anno domini - the 2015th "year of our Lord". Nice to see the whole world celebrate that.

The effort to change the world's dating to CE and BCE is not going too good. You don't have to be a Christian to see that Jesus changed the world - fundamentally. ChristenDOM has failed. But Jesus succeeded.

"he was certainly the HIGHEST (my emphasis) example of one who wished to give everything, asking nothing in return, and not caring what creed might happen to be professed by the recipient." - Ghandi

If one can love the very people who are crucifying you - yeah - that's significant.

Furthermore, Christianity is now a worldwide faith. Christendom - western Christianity - has lost control of it. It has one head - Jesus - in heaven. He's able to be the "head" - in both senses - of His Body - the Church. It is a SPIRITUAL body - not an organization. Since the apostle Paul the church has OBLITERATED cultural shackles.

Paul liberated the Church from JEWISH cultural shackles. That was significant. But perhaps just as significantly God is, TODAY, liberating the church from it's WESTERN cultural shackles.

God is prying the dead fingers of Plato and Aristotle off the living pages of the LIVING WORD. Our secularized mindset, our materialism, and our willingness to use our natural human mind to defile God's Spiritual Truths - all of this will be purged from His Spiritual Body in all the earth.

The east is humbly accepting something from the west. The west will be shocked at how that will be turned around - to the glory of God.

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