A Message From the Past


Today I came across a message I had written down early in 2011. Before I even knew I would be battling cancer. However at that time I had been battling chronic lung disease since December of 2004.

I remember the day I wrote this down, I was feeling very tired and sick and depressed. I had cried out to the Lord asking Him to heal me.

As I re-read this today I thought it just might be worth sharing with all of you here at CB. So many people are hurting and in need of many different healings.

This is the message I received wrote down that day.

I am your God and I am your healer. I am healing you from the inside out.

I ask "Why in that order? Here is the answer I received.

The Spirit first needs healed so the mind can heal. When the Spirit and mind are healed the body will begin to heal itself.

I ask what that meant. Here is the answer I received.

Spirit healing is knowing the truths of God's unfailing love for you. This makes you aware of the power you have in God to overcome the hurts, disappointments and deceptions that you feel life has burdened you with. Knowing God's unfailing love and the power He has given can be found in His word.

Healing is a process. Spirit, mind then body.

As I learn about God's love and the power He has given me, the Spirit is healed and strengthened.

As I apply this to the mind then I begin to overcome all the junk life has brought me. Then I can begin to forgive and even forget all those things.

As this happens anger is released, frustration, disappointment and hurts dissolve away.

As this occurs the body heals and I am are totally healed " “from the inside out” .

Always remember "God loves you and he is your healer!

Some Quotes I had also written down.

Do not let your past rob you of your future.

Each new day is a chance to make a new beginning.

Count your blessings, live with gratitude and love with all your heart.