Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello From Iowa!!!

Wanted to get the more than five words in the title so as the blog would be visible!!! I've been a member less than a week now or there abouts...I was searching about for a format to get some Christian fellowship and began searching the internet and came across this site. Thus far its been enjoyable...the online chat is nice. Most evenings someone was available to chat if just a few lines it was okay or just to watch/read the others chat. Its a big world and seeming that we are all alone is somewhat ludicrous...however very true when there is no one to talk to. So this chat supplied somewhere to be in contact with another human being. I'm from the Midwest. Have three grown children and am alone. Just wrapped up an MBA in the Spring with hopes of a new job...but that hasn't happened so I am still in the same job I have been for four years at a company that I have a total of almost 19 years at. I work a fair amount of the time and don't make enough money to do much else. Just kinda live to work and work to live I guess you could say. That's getting old!! I have one grandbaby, but she is a state away so don't get to see her much with the gas prices and all. I have family where I live, but none of them are saved and my being saved and living a life different from them has separated us...like we don't talk and I live within a mile of one of my three sisters in this area. My mom went home to be with the Lord when she was 47 and I 26 so none of my three children ever got to know her. My dad is still alive and doing okay, but requiring more attention and its hard to do it all alone...wish the other sisters would talk so we could have a plan for all three of us to help him out. He is by himself and so darn stubborn...he is a Marine and independence is not something easily given up. So I have to be creative in how I go about helping him. So that's me without going into too much detail...I don't really want to give away who I am just in case there is a chance (however small it may be) that someone I know from the old church I use to go to would be on here. I quit going to church about four years ago...thus the need to look for fellowship. Nice to meet you all!!

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Thanks for sharing some info about you so we can know you better. I am glad you are here. I pray that you find the fellowship and support you need, there are many wonderful Christian women here. Is there a reason you do not go to church? Because it seems that it would be most beneficial to you in this stage of life. I have had my issues with church and have been wandering in the wilderness trying to find a church home for over 5 years, but now have finally found one. Fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ is so important, as iron sharpens iron. And as wonderful as the internet is, it does not make up for good flesh and blood. Looking forward to reading more!



Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

It is nice to get to know you better!! I hope you will continue to be blessed by this site!:)
-Golden :flower:

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

It nice of you to tell us about yourself, we hope you and your family are blessed. Amen.


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