3 Generation End Time Ministry: Dreams-Protection of Angels

Part 3
In parts 1 and 2, I have shared revelations and dreams that confirm Jesus is raising up a three-generation ministry that will be active during the end times. Please read these blogs. In this blog, I am going to share dreams concerning my granddaughter and how, I believe, God is telling us she will be supernaturally protected by angels.

This dream took place in late winter and early on a Sunday morning in 2004.

In the dream, I, and what I believe is my little granddaughter, are walking down steps, steps like you find in front of a public building. In front of us is a parking lot where a semi truck is parked. My granddaughter walks ahead to the parking lot as if she is going to meet someone on or by the truck. The parking lot is pure white as is the truck. As she approaches the truck, the truck starts to move and she is pulled under the tires of the truck. I suddengly awake and start saying NO, NO, NO God NO!

I have never had a dream anything like this before nor since.

I was very upset the entire day. I just prayed, pleaded with and begged God that this not be so. By evening, I started to realize that if God has given me this dream now, it may well be a warning of what will happen sometime in the future. I then thanked God for this dream and my prayers calmed down some. I asked God for His protection and I asked if possible that this event not take place.

On Thursday morning, my husband and I went to a restaurant for breakfast, my husband brought our newspaper with him. I usually don't read much of the newspaper (I watch a lot of news, though), but, I saw at the bottom of the front page a title about a little girl being rescued by angels. I was drawn to reading this article. The article tells of a very young girl who has come out of a school building and is holding hands with a friend walking on the sidewalk near where children are boarding a school bus. As the bus begins to pull away from the curb, the little girl lets go of her friend's hand as she finds herself slipping and she then slips under the bus. When interviewed about what happened, the little girl reports there were two angels protecting her while she was under the bus. She escaped with only minor scrapes.

Wow! was this coincidence? I sure do not think so. Could this be what my dream was about? I sure would like it to be, but, I just do not know for sure. Was this dream telling me to pray for God to send angels to protect my granddaughter? It may well be so! I had this dream early Sunday morning. The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon--on the third day of the dream. God has used the number three over and over with me.

So, I do not know for sure if this is what my dream represented or whether my being drawn to reading this article was God's way of telling me to pray and that angels will be sent to protect my granddaughter during whatever future event this is going to be. I have prayed many many times and continue to pray concerning this needed protection for my granddaughter.

The most recent dream my daughter Cathy has had concerning her daughter/my granddaughter occurred about three years ago.

My daughter reports that in this dream, she and her daughter are invited to a wedding where a daughter of God is going to marry a daughter of a devil. After the wedding, my granddaughter wants to know where these devils live. So, they follow a relative, like a nephew, home to the devil's house. My granddaughter goes to the door to try to take a peak inside. Cathy tells her not to go inside because she would not be able to come back out. My granddaughter says, I know, and starts walking back toward Cathy. All of a sudden, the devils in the house see them, and they start to throw balls of fire at them. Just at that moment, a huge angel, appears in front of two of them and deflects the fire balls.

When my daughter told me this dream, I admit, I was scared. I am afraid of what my granddaughter is going to have to face as she is being prepared for and lives out her ministry role serving our Lord Jesus. She is so very often in my prayers. But, praise God, He is and will continue to protect her.

As I stated in part 1, this three generation ministry that is being readied for its role in these end of days includes myself, my daughter Cathy and my now 15 year old granddaughter. Please read the powerful revelations shared in part 1. I mentioned in that blog, that my daughter believes a major part of her role in this ministry is one of protecting her daughter/my granddaughter.

For me, all that has been experienced is very sobering. I choose to be obedient to God and be very watchful and acutely alert during these end of days!

Please choose to do the same!!

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Y'all shall be in our prayers my dear Sister! Some very strong revealing from the Lord and thank you for sharing! May we all be emboldened in these trying times, God Bless you richly! Dave

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