50th Wedding Anniversary

Fifty years ago today on Saturday October 21, 1967, William Albert von Lehe and Dorothy Christine Oman, stood at the altar of Mount Carmel Lutheran Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and entered into the sacred covenant of marriage. Standing before God we took our vows to take each other as husband and wife, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live. 

We have been true to each other for 50 years and have not broken this covenant relationship. We made it this far, so we will stick to the "so long as we both shall live" part of our vows, too. It has been an interesting and challenging 50 years. I do so love our three children, Angela, age 48, Richard, age 47, and Cathleen, age 42, and our awesome five grandchildren, Ashley, 21, Anwar,14,  Bennett,12,  Jacob,10, and Janessa, 7. Grandchildren are the best, aren't they?  And, I do love my husband, Bill, according to our covenant promise.

Thank you Jesus for these 50 years!

Dorothy von Lehe


Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Praise God!

Beth M @blest ·

Congratulations, Dorothy.

Treasure every moment.



K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


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