America Speak Loudly

This happened yesterday (Wednesday, May 13)and a minister friend in Pakistan sent this message to me:

**At least 44 people have been killed and 13 others injured when some unknown gunmen attacked a passsenger bus near Safoora Chowrangi in Karachi, Dunya News reported. (Karachi is a hotbed of unrest in southern Pakistan.)

Reportedly, sixteen women were among the dead. "Six terrorists came on three motorcycles, they entered the bus and began firing indiscriminately. They used 9mm pistols and all th... ose killed and injured were hit by the 9mm pistols," he said. The bus was enroute to Ayesha Manzil from Al-Azhar Garden**

My minister friend asks this question:
“mother i am worried that all the christian nation (he is referring to the United States) know about christian who are living in Islamic country, they are facing blasphemy (charges), persecution, and many other problems, why not they (the USA) stand with christian in these (this) country?”

Think seriously about his question. The Christian communities in the Middle East are asking this question of the United States. Why is America (seen by them as a Christian nation) not standing with Christians in these countries? Wake up Christian America. Stand with Christians! SPEAK, SPEAK LOUDLY!!

Sandra Russo @dove920 ·

Thank you I agree with you.

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