Birthing 3 Generation Ministry for End Times - Dreams of War, Tornadoes (2)

Part 2
If you have not done so, please read part 1. In part 1, I shared how just like in the Bible, God revealed to both my daughter and me that my granddaughter is chosen to serve the Lord. Jesus wants to speak through her in these end of days. I shared my ministry assignment and several dream revelations. In this blog, I continue to share dreams concerning the birthing of an end time three generation ministry. Emphasis is on my granddauughter, who was about 5 years old when the Holy Spirit spoke of her calling to me.

The next dream was experienced in 2002, about the time I began trying to share testimony with my local church-pastor and elders-about the dreams and revelations I had received from God.

In the dream, as I am coming down an escalator, I see my granddaughter going up the escalator. When I come off the escalator it is like I step onto a large flat roof top area. On the other side of this roof top, I see what looks like a naked man. As I walk a lttle farther onto the roof area, I see it is a man dressed in animal skins. Then, this person fades away and now I see two men walking toward me. I turn to walk away and I see another man coming toward me from another direction. He looks a lot like an elder of the church. I say to him, I think I need help. He responds, I don't think so. The three keep coming toward me, I believe they are about to attack me. I cry out to Jesus for help. My dream ends.

The main point I want to bring forth concerns my granddaughter who is going up the escalator. I know there is meaning in dreams to going up stairs and coming down stairs. Add to this, it appears my granddaughter met the man in the animal skins, which of course reminds us of John the Baptist. I do not know what exactly is being depicted, but I am relatively certain it has to do with the calling on my granddaughter. It is clear by the revelations shared in part 1 that Jesus wants to speak through her.

The other part of the dream concerns the three men who appear to be about to attack me. I believe, this had to do with the beginnings of my ministry when some desired to and some will continue to have the desire to attack when I share testimony, revelations, dreams and the Holy Spirit's guidance into Scripture. For the seven years I was a member of this local church, I learned what it is like to experience measured persecution.

My daughter, Cathy, has experienced several dreams beyond the first dream revelation concerning war and my granddaughter's calling.

In this dream, Cathy is driving her car, I am in the front seat with her and my granddaughter is in the back seat. We are being chased by tornadoes. Simple end time dream to this point. My oldest daughter is also in the car, but, it is as if something is trying to pull her out of the car through the rear window. Cathy, said she could swear it looked like a clown that was reaching out to her and attempting to pull her out.

One question my daughter asked me is - why do I only see the females of our family in my dreams? Since, in her first dream, God spoke to her that the three of us (granddaughter, daughter and I) would be saved, she was concerned about the male members of the family. My response was and is this: Jesus is calling three generations of females of this family into ministry. It does not mean that the males in the family will not be saved. These dreams are about an end time ministry.

The significance of a clown reaching out to my oldest daughter and attempting to pull her out of our car, I believe, involves an unfortunate truth. My oldest daughter married a Muslim man from Pakistan. The two of them did end up getting a divorce, but, she embraced to some extent the religion and some of the teachings found in the Qur'an. She married again, this time to a Muslim man from Morocco. They are now divorced, but have a son together. I believe what is being depicted in this dream is the struggle, the pulling, between the Islam religion and Christianity. The clown is the religion of Islam serving the false god Allah and the three of us in the car are Christians serving the one and only real and true God.

The significance of being chased by tornadoes, I believe, points to being in the birth pains of the end times. As the birth pains continue to become stronger and occur closer together, the quantity and intensity of tornadic type occurrences will increase and increase. Here, in Minnesota, it seems a large section of the state is becoming a tornado alley. Much recent destruction was done to suburban areas of Minneapolis. Cathy and family were only about a mile away from this tornado. Just another thought about tornados - Cathy and her husband put earnest money down on a home in Rogers, Minnesota, about four years ago. Before they completed the purchase, a tornado hit Rogers destroying the home next to this one (and a child was killed who lived in this home) and heavily damaging the home they were about to buy. Something to really think about.

I would still like to share 2 more dreams that concern supernatural protection, so there will be a Part 3.

Birthing 3 Generation Ministry for End Times - Dreams of War, Tornados (1)


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