Birthing 3 Generation Ministry for End Times - Dreams of War, Tornados (1)

My heart rejoiced in the ways of our LORD when I realized that the Holy Spirit had revealed and confirmed to both myself and my daughter that my little granddaughter was to be a part of the ministry Jesus has been preparing me for. The revelation begins when the Holy Spirit spoke this ministry assignment on October 27, 2001.

I was born again in Jesus Christ on October 2, 2001. At this time of regeneration, the Holy Spirit put into me a sense of urgency and that there was something God wanted me to do. Earnestly in prayer, I asked what it was Jesus wanted me to do. On October 27, 2001, the Holy Spirit spoke this assignment revelation: Minister to (His) children, focus on the young (in Christ), for these little ones will become lights in the darkness, expose the work of satan, focus on eternity, evangelistic in nature, far reaching, five years.

In other blogs, I have shared this assignment, but, what I did not share is the understanding that the Holy Spirit put into my heart and mind that my granddaughter will be a part of this ministry. Thus, it was in October of 2001, that God revealed my granddaughter, who is now about to turn 15, has a ministry calling upon her life.

In a blog, I have also shared this dream, which I believe points to the fulfillment of the prophecy of nation rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom. I want to share it, in part, again to point out the connection between this dream and the dream and revelation my daughter experienced.
Matthew 24:6-8; And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, see that ye be not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. KJV (or- beginning of birth pains NIV)

One week prior to the commencement of the War with Iraq in March of 2003, I had this dream:
The dream begins with my having to go to a certain town or city for a meeting or event. At first, I am walking uphill and seem to be looking for a particular meeting place or home. After wondering around for a while, I appear to be walking through an area that is like a plaza where people gather. Four men who are young, small in stature, and look like they are Middle Easterners begin to follow me. The strong sense I have is that these men want to rape me. Then, I am stabbed with a knife.

Suddenly the scene shifts and in vivid bright colors I see six to eight stubby looking men lying dead on the ground, some with knives in them. What is astonishing about this scene is that they are all dressed in biblical war garments. Another astonishing thing is each one is wearing a war garment with a different color pattern. The prevalent colors are red, blue and yellow.

Passages Quickened in Isaiah
At the time of this dream, I was reading the Book of Isaiah. From Isaiah, God quickened passages that I believe connect to the war with Iraq and beyond - nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom. (Isaiah 13: 4-6 and Isaiah 48: 14b-15)
Not long after I had this dream, my daughter, Cathy, had the following dream:

My granddaughter, daughter and I are sitting in what looks like a theater and watching on stage what appears to be people engaged in war (or fighting) and weapons are being fired. All of a sudden those on stage turn toward the audience and point their weapons toward us. They start firing at those observing. We duck down behind our seats and then start working our way slowly to the back of the "theater."

We finally make it to the back and Cathy is placing her body over my granddaugter trying to protect her. My granddaughter begins to speak in tongues. My daughter said to her, "I don't understand what you are saying." Then, my daughter said it was like God appeared before her (probably Jesus or an Angel), and He said "you will be saved." Cathy told me she knew clearly that this meant all three of us. As the dream progressed, Cathy was instructed to tell me this dream and that it was like what I had told her concerning my little (7 year old) granddaughter.

I marveled at this dream, I marveled that God had made it clear Cathy was to tell me this dream. I marvelled that just like in God's Word, my daughter and I had been told by God that my little granddaughter was chosen and being called to serve the Lord. When my daughter said it was like what I had told her, my response was and is that Jesus wants to speak through my granddaughter.

There is clear indication of end time events being emphasized in both of our dreams. I believe my daughter's dream points to warring/fighting coming to the United States.

I know with clarity that this three generation ministry involves the end of days. I believe God is telling the three of us that we will be saved and protected during this period of time.

Cathy believes her primary role in this ministry is to be one of protecting my granddaughter. And, I also believe, she will continue receiving end time dreams, especially those relative to our ministry. This should become even clearer as to why this is believed after reading Part 2.

Since this blog is nearly 1,000 words in length, I will continue sharing in another blog that will include tornadoes-PART 2.


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