Called to Buck the Tide of Popular Beliefs: Healing, Creation, End Times

Ministry: Called to Buck the Tide of Popular Beliefs - Healing, Creation and End Times

God used the year 1859 as one way to confirm that He has called me to buck the tide of popular beliefs in the areas of divine healing, creation, and end times.

Along this journey, through the teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I have been made to see how God and His Word have been compromised by many churches and Christians. The authority, accuracy and truth of the Word of God has been compromised diminishing who God is, who Jesus is, the finished work of Jesus at the cross and the power and work of the Holy Spirit.

When I started to write blogs here on, I got my feet wet by writing a few blogs on the accuracy of God's account of creation. For the past several months I have been working on a series under the heading the Finished Work of Jesus, God's Power and Healing and intend to continue writing blogs in this series under the heading Healing.

As a way of introducing or reintroducing each of these subject areas, in the next three blogs, I will focus on how God used the year 1859 to confirm these areas of concentration: divine healing, creation and end times.

The purpose of this particular blog is to inform fellow brothers and sisters in Christ of how I plan to proceed.

I would like to start rotating blogs in this order: 1) Healing, 2) Creation, 3) the End Times and 4) Perspective. Most likely, I will write one blog each week rotating them in order so that within each month I will have written at least one blog under each of these four categories.

When I came onto it was with the intention of sharing the great amount of testimony God has put into me. As the Holy Spirit has been teaching and guiding, He has given me a taste of a variety of signs, wonders and miracles as you have tasted in my blogs. I know I am to share this testimony with others. These various signs, wonders and miracles that were used to prepare and guide me are now following me as I share testimony with you.

In my next blog I will write on the influence of the year 1859 in the area of healing.

For future blogs, I do encourage uplifting and beneficial comments and questions!

With love in Christ,

Dorothy :-p

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