Choose: Have a Stroke or Peel Potatoes?

That Saturday morning, (September 8th) everything seemed fine. I was getting ready to go to church to help “peel potatoes” for a Grandparent's Day service and lunch on September 9th.

I had about 40 minutes before I needed to get going. So, I went to my computer and tried to enter the password to get into my side of the computer. I tried and tried to remember the password, but I could not. I tried to type what I thought might be my password but had difficulty even being able to type the letters. I knew something was not right.

Next, I went to the phone in my living room to call my grandson, since he always plays on my computer and knows my password. When my daughter, Angie, answered the phone, I discovered I could only speak two or three words of a sentence and then the words locked up inside me. I remember saying, “I want to”. My daughter asked, do you want to talk to Anwar? Yes. When Anwar got on the phone I tried to speak to him, but all I could get out was two or three words of any sentence I tried to say. He thought grandma was funny and started to laugh. My daughter took the phone back and after trying to speak, I finally I said "something's wrong." She said she was on her way over and asked if dad was there. I said yes.

On her way she called my other daughter, Cathy, and Cathy immediately called, and, of course, the same thing happened. When I got off the phone, my husband, Bill, witnessing what was happening, recognized I was having a stroke and asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. Yes!

BUT, I insisted that we call church before we go to inform them I would not be able to come in to “peel potatoes” and to tell pastor, I was having a stroke, but I could not get the words out. So, I then tried to write a note, but all I could do is make a line. Laying on top of the shelves near the back door was a church bulletin, I pointed out to my daughter the two phone numbers to call. Then, we were off to Emergency at ISJ Hospital in Mankato (Minnesota), about a 30 minute drive.

A doctor asked us lots of questions. I tried so hard to tell him what had happened. I tried to tell him I was intending to go to church to "peel potatoes." I tried so hard to say “peel potatoes” but could not.

Previously, I wrote that we made it in time to receive a clot buster (TPA) and it was successful in plowing through the blood clot in my brain and in dissolving it. Within a half hour after starting the IV, I started being able to get out a few simple sentences. The nurse was excited and went out to tell the doctor. He came in and asked me what I had tried to tell him when I first came in. I was able to say I was going to go to church to “peel potatoes” for Grandparents Day on Sunday.
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I guess, just maybe, I had not wanted to face the peeling of 100 pounds of potatoes that day.

“Trusting Jesus” and experiences on the way to and at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota will be what I share testimony about tomorrow.


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

i don't have any words I want to say , all I want to do is this really...

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Good blog. Your church is lucky to have such a dedicated member. My brother had a similar experience, but not for such a noble reason. He kept repeating the name of the hospital he wanted to be taken to, which wasn't the closest one. He was taken to the one he kept asking for. He recovered from the stroke. It turns out that he didn't want to go to the closest hospital because he owed them money. (this was a long time ago, before medical insurance was so pervasive) - bibleguy64

Beth M @blest ·

Made me cry. Our God is awesome. Praise God you are fine. I'm sure the potatoes got peeled.
blessings, blest

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

Thank you for sharing these comments. Let's share a group hug! On a regular basis, I conduct and preach at Nursing Home Sunday services so there was a vested interest and the desire to help at church (peel potatoes) to prepare for a Grandparent's Day service and lunch at our church. I spent time worshipping and expressing love :heart: through tears to Jesus this week. Our God IS so awesome.

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