Creation Series: Evolved from Apes - No, Created by God in His Image - Yes

While attending college in the mid-1960s, I took an anthropology course that presented an evolutionary approach to explaining what could be referred to as pre-Adamic man. I remember learning about possible transitional links and pre-modern man including the Neanderthal Man and the Cro-Magnon Man. At the time I actually enjoyed the class, but, what I could not reconcile within me was that these beings supposedly lived before, long before, God made the first man Adam, contradicting God's Word. I came away from this class confused. Things did not make sense to me. There was an uneasiness of not knowing or being sure that lingered and it worked to make me question an acceptance of the Word of God as authoritative truth.

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

If the assumption stated above, this truth from God's Word, had been used and fully supported by Christians, we would not have a large number of adults, youth and children believing that either man evolved from apes or that somehow God used evolution over a great period of time to bring man into existence.

It is so important to understand that any use of evolution, I am referring to macro-evolution (vertical evolution), would have to involve mutation, suffering and death as part of the transitional process. No, God did not use macro-evolution as His process of creation. Death did not come into this world until after Adam and Eve committed man's first sin against God.

When I read the book Unlocking The Mysteries Of Creation by Dennis R. Petersen early in 2002, I saw clearly the stuff I had been taught in that anthropology class was false. The missing transitional links, that some were searching for in the effort to link in an evolutionary chain ape to ape-man to man, are all still missing. That is because there are none. Man is and always has been fully man. We all have descended from Adam and Eve.

After reading this section of the book, I literally danced around my home for about a week. Go God Go! -was my victory cry. Praise the Lord! An unhealthy burden and hindrance lifted from me. Praise the Lord. Honestly, it did not take much more beyond this to convince me that God's account of a literal six day creation and His creation of man is truth. However, it was quite a jolt to realize and take into my heart the understanding that the heavens and earth were created about 6,000 years ago and not millions or billions of years ago.

God's Word makes much more sense than mans' word. It certainly puts the pieces together for us and is much more meaningful.

The Fossil Evidence
Beginning with the truth -- The fossils that are being uncovered and discovered were deposited as a result of the worldwide flood that took place in Noah's time period about 4,400 years ago. This is according to genealogical records tracking the lineage leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ.

The search for fossil evidence in the effort to prove the theory (not based on true science, but instead theory) of human evolution has gone on for over a century. It has proven to be a miserable failure.

For one thing, bones of people are extremely rare to find. It would seem logical to be able to find a good number of burials of early man if human kind has inhabited Earth for a million years or more. All of the very limited fossil bones found of animals and man used to try to assemble a chain of transitional links have turned out to be all ape, all man, bone from an ape put together with bone from a man, or not related to either ape or man. If you look at how fossil finds were pieced together to try to prove that ape and man are linked, you will not be impressed. Very little science involved in these imaginative creations.

One of the most damaging examples is the Nebraska Man. A whole man was created (sketched) from a single tooth. A way to bring tears to the eyes of Christians is to know that this imagined creature was used as evidence in the famous "Monkey Trial" of 1925. This trial was held to force the introduction of evolution into American classrooms. We have paid a very heavy price for this deception that respected scientists accepted in 1925 as proof of "a link".€ In 1927, at the Scopes Trial, the truth was revealed; this Nebraska Man was created from the tooth of an extinct pig, it was neither ape nor man. Sad for every one of us, evolution began to find acceptance in the public school classroom as if it were more scientifically valid than creation.

The Neanderthal Man and the Cro-Magnon Man are fully man. The model representing the Neanderthal Man was exhibited as a bent over, club-swinging, cave man. Eventually, it was discovered that the Neanderthal Man walked upright. He was not the hairy ape type man as presented. He was depicted as hunchbacked and rather retarded looking because of just one skeletal find which proved to have been severely deformed by age and arthritis. The Neanderthal Man was fully man. The Cro-Magnon Man was named for the stone cave where their remains were discovered. In the Smithsonian magazine, in October 1986, an article was titled "Cro-Magnon hunters were really us, working out strategies for survival". These examples of man lived during the time period between the creation of Adam and Eve and the worldwide flood that took place about 1656 years after man was created.

DNA Proves Creation
When science is done right, it points to God! Let's learn more about our DNA. Every creature's DNA points to the fact that there is an intelligent designer who created all living things. DNA is a language built on four letters that are found on DNA strands within each of our cells. Our DNA provides written instructions on how to build all the protein in the body. Be sure to listen to the youtube discussion presented by Lee Strobel and take in some of the awesomeness of God our designer. Our DNA proves we have a creator. It destroys the idea of macro-evolution and points us to our Creator. I wonder what it will take for this truth to become something taught in the classroom. Time to push out evolution and bring creation back into the classroom.

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Billy Beard @billyb ·

I am enjoying your series Dorthy. In my very young years of school, the Bible was still used in public schools. I had to memorize the 23rd Psalm as part of my schoolwork in one class. Then when I reached 7th grade, we started learning from the science books what you have mentioned here. They have came up with a lot of evidence they will claim proves the literal account of scripture to be wrong. Because of that, many within christendom have found ways to believe both, but in so doing they will have to render much non-literal, symbolic language that explains only as the cultures of the day were able. I believe as you do, Genesis 1-11 is literal. Gods word is above any culture, not bound by any. Only in Genesis 1 is the term evening and morning considered different in meaning to these many. If one follows the term it is shown to be very literal by scripture.

As is the term 'six days', God gave to Moses. God said in six days He made it all. Heaven, earth, sea, everything within all of them. Most within the scientific fields will not accept that. We all have to chose how we will believe concerning creation. We choose to believe God did it just as He said He did. That puts us in the flat-earth mentality according to some. But these folks also forget, the word of God told different about that, long before the worldly intellect did! But just to consol them, be careful where you step! Don't wanna fall off.:eek:

I agree with you,:flower: God Bless Sister. Billy


Thanks again, Sister Dorothy for sharing of the Truth! and for prayers! I implore and encourage any reading this to not follow man's claims! As you state time to push out evolution and bring creation back into the classroom! Amen to that! God Bless you and your loved ones dearly! Dave

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

do you know that even in church we neglect to teach this to our kids. We take it for granted that they know the truth while all the time they are being poisoned by this lie of evolution and apes becoming man.
Well done and Bravo .

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Oh, how I wish I'd read this a week ago! I had gotten into an, ahem, discussion with a bunch of atheists on the Amazon Kindle discussion boards about evolution and quickly found myself over my head. I did know about the Neandrathal man being a guy with arthritis, but that didn't matter to them. They were very frustrated that I could maintain unquestioning faith in the face of scientific evidence !

Thanks for posting this, we all need to know this.



I have just started reading this series this evening, and I am really enjoying it. The church I was raised in (Catholic) teaches that the Bible was not meant to be a science or history textbook, but a guide to living with faith. Therefore, we must not look for answers to scientific or historical questions in the bible. For that, we must turn to scientists and historians. So I never questioned evolution, and never thought of it as even controversial.

It wasn't until after I had committed myself to Christ, last year, when I was given such a blessing from God that I was able to read the Bible with new eyes to see and ears to hear. It was an amazing experience, and I suddenly understood fully that evolution was false, and that the Genesis account was literally true.

And I think that the myth of evolution is terribly destructive to our society as a whole. Once you have a whole society who believe that we have evolved from monkeys, we start to think that we must be still evolving into a better, faster, smarter creature. So we start to laugh at the ideas and values of the past, feeling that we are "evolved" past that now. And we are more willing to accept technology as an inevitable part of the evolutionary process, rather than really questioning whether we are making appropriate use of what God has given us. The belief in evolution leads to a very dangerous worldview.

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