Creation Series: No Gaps, No Evolution, NO DEATH Before Sin

God Is Literal: Creation Series, Part 2 of Introduction--

Genesis 2:16-17 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die (dying thou shalt die).

The Gap Theory, Day Age Theory, Theistic Evolution and the other views that have been made up by man place suffering and death BEFORE the sin of Adam and Eve.

All of these views directly contradict God's Creation account that tells us why and how physical death came into the world to all of mankind and living things.

Because of satan's deceptions that continue to prey upon mans' minds, there have emerged all kinds of theories and views that supposedly attempt to reconcile God's Word with the idea of millions and billions of years and include such things as a pre-Adamic world with dinosaurs (Gap Therory), space between each of the six days (Day Age Theory) and macroevolution (Theistic Evolution), etc.

None of these theories and views are needed. Many many have been led to believe that science proves the millions and billions of years idea. This is simply NOT TRUE. Evidence supports God's account of Creation and God's account of the Worldwide Flood.

I reject all of these theories and views that eat away at the simple truth revealed to us in God's Word. These accounts of creation and the worldwide flood were given by God directly to Moses for recording so that the ordinary man and woman, like you and I, could easily understand and accept by simple faith the truth and authority of God's Word beginning with the very first verse of Genesis.

There is ample evidence that should convince even the most skeptical Christian, if first they clear their head of mans' faulty words and focus on God and His infallible Word.

We are in the end of days, and I wholeheartedly believe God intends for His own, especially, to see Him clearly as the Creator and His Word as literal and authoritative truth. In other words, there will be more happenings that show all of us that God is the Creator and His account of Creation is the one and only true account.

I mentioned in the first part of this introduction, that I will be writing this series of blogs to cover each day of the Creation week. Along with the discussion will be presented a variety of physical and scientific proof.

It was such an awesome experience when God opened my eyes to see the literal truth of His Genesis accounts. I am both excited and a little bit scared to enter into this series. But,
Bless You God and FULL GLORY be Yours!

As these writings progress, it is my hope to bring attention to the significance of including the almost hidden truths of Genesis 1-11 in the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with other people. Genesis tells us why God became flesh, Jesus Christ-both God and man, and why Jesus had to shed His pure human blood for the full atonement of our sin toward God.

Believe God's Word not mans' word!

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Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I have never doubted the six day creation account, and I have always stated that there was no death in any form, either from plant nor animal until the fall. But of course if Man can convince himself that death entered the world before the fall then that nulls the whole concept of sin and its wages entering through one man, and therefore atonement for death and sin coming through one man, the man Jesus Christ.

As christians we cannot pick and choose which parts of scripture we accept and which parts do not fit with the thinking of todays man. May God forgive us for our foolishness .

I so look foward to the rest in this series.
BTW I love the little cartoon up top.


I recently confronted a pastor about the gap theory of which was being preached after the sermon! He was corrected! I will not subscribe to these theories! God created everything in 6 days! I trust His Word-for He is pure and holy! Am looking forward to this series! God Bless you richly! Dave

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Great points Dorothy. Sin brought death, according to the scripture. Another declaration of scripture, that science and mans worldly intellect will not agree with, because the fact concerning that, is found in the scripture. Gods word says it did, and told when. And He also told of the curse and consequences it brought. I would love to know, just at what point, these modern views, DO accept, what the scripture says. In Mark 10:6 Jesus tells about the beginning of creation, and what God intended for a man and his wife at that beginning. He gave no clue, or recognized nothing, that would indicate anything other than the six-day account, as told in Genesis 1. Jesus also recognized Noah, and the flood, and the ark, and the destruction of all upon the earth, in that flood. Matt. 24:38,39, and Luke17:26,27. He spoke of a very literal Noah, and literal ark, and literal flood. He also recognized Abel, the son of Adam, Matt. 23:35 and Luke 11:51, as told in Genesis 4. I would hate to be a believer, and doubt that Jesus Christ spoke truth here, regarding the Genesis accounts concerning. To not accept Genesis 1-11, places them in that very position. Hope I did not get off topic. God Bless Sis. billy

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I heard another interesting view regarding the 'day' debate. A Jewish scientist, agreed that the Hebrew word for 'day', does indeed mean a 24 hr. day, according to all leading Hebrew scholars, in the Gen. 1 context, so it is good that some are acknowledging that. However, he uses the analogy of how the universe expands, (Einsteins theory), and how that time from Gods perspective, where He was (I assume), in that 24 hr. day, and, after coming through the expanse of the universe, expands into what amounts to 15 plus billion years, in mans perspective, during those 'six-days'. A new definition of 'six-days', in Gen. 1, so the attempted destruction (by these), of that term seems to be coming. Of course they will conveniently ignore, or place within mans time after Adam, the very same Hebrew term 'six-days' concerning the march around Jericho. So, this is a new twist out there, not sure what it will be termed. Mercy. It does, however, leave open a lot of room for discussion of some definite contradictions now. It has always been acknowledged that God is outside of time, He is the eternal one, yet it seems, some, and it will snow-ball, are now computing Gods time into mans time, and coming up with all kinds of zeros. Not sure if you had heard this one. I suppose both sides, have their own faith, of sorts. This issue is not going away. God Bless.

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