Creation Series: Science and Theory Start With Assumptions

Science and theory each begin with the creation and adoption of assumptions. Since God created and made the entire universe operational, a great place for science and theory to begin would be by using God's Word.

A place NOT to begin is outside of God's Word, with the denial of God's Word or just with mans' imaginations. So much confusion and so much damage could have been avoided.

The literal six days of creation that took place about 6,000 years ago along with the account of the worldwide flood about 4,400 years ago would be proven and accepted as truth. The fossils would be rightly recognized as coming from the deposits made during the worldwide flood, a flood that kept Noah, his family and the selected animals in the Ark for 371 days.

Guess what? If assumptions used came out of God's Word, God would be receiving the glory He rightly deserves and we would be receiving with great joy in our hearts a true and glorious picture of God-Father, Son (The Word - Jesus), and the Holy Spirit and His awesome Creation. We could see the Trinity of God without blurred vision. ALL glory to God AND NO glory given to mans' imaginations.

As we continue our way through this series - God Is Literal: The Creation Account, and I share physical evidence, I am going to use assumptions drawn from God's Word while looking at physical evidence and will make comparisons to mans' "scientific evidence." It is my hope-filled prayer that using this approach will help bring to light and work to settle in your hearts the literal truth of God's Word.

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I'm all ears and heart, Sister Dorothy!

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I agree, use Gods words. God Bless,

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