Dating of Fossils is Circular Reasoning

The rationale scientists use in determining the age of a fossil is simply a form of circular reasoning.  The result is made up in the mind's of people. Circular reasoning:  You  determine the age of a fossil by the rock layer it is discovered in.  You determine the age of the rock layer by the fossils you find contained in that layer.  It seems pretty silly to me.

The vast majority of fossils are discovered in sedimentary layers of rock.  They are discovered to be in the order in which the creatures died and were covered over by sediment.  This occured during the great upheaval of the worldwide flood of Noah's day, which the Bible dates to about 4,400 years ago. The duration of the time Noah, his family and the creatures God saved by bringing into the Ark, totaled a little over a year.

I saw this cartoon today included in the discussion from Ray Comfort to a person who, like so many, have had their minds impregnated with man's "science" that is not true science.  True science must be testable, observable and repeatable. Otherwise it is only a guess, a theory, simply a belief.

This cartoon demonstrates the logic used by evolutionists who deny the truth, accuracy, inerrancy of the Word of God.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

Great to see a blog of yours. Praying for you about the surgery. God bless. billy

Richard & Betty Gregory @discipleofthenazarene ·

Interesting that you should put a blog on here about this. While working as a pumper in the oilfield I found something very interesting. It was a petrified log. The thing interesting about it was that half of the log was petrified and the other half was rotted. I asked an archaeologist, who was visiting from Princeton University, how long does it take wood to petrify? He said that it takes wood at the minimum a couple of thousand years to petrify but it could be longer. I then asked how long it would take rotted would to completely decompose? He said that it could be anywhere from 50 to a couple of hundred years depending on the conditions of weather and other factors. I showed him the log that I had found and he was completely baffled. He said that it didn't make any sense. The rotted would should have been completely gone thousands of years ago. Isn't science wonderful. I think I would rather believe in God.

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