Finished Work of Jesus, God's Power and Healing, part 3, It is Finished

A Heart's Look at the Finished Work of Jesus

Integrated into the perfect sacrifice Jesus made at the Cross was God’s provision for healing; the healing of our sickly, diseased and infirmed bodies.

The Holy Spirit has rooted and grown in me the understanding that Jesus at the cross completed the work necessary for our healing. Healing includes the quickening of our spirit, the renewing of our soul and the healing of our body. Jesus did not go to the cross to leave His own to suffer from sickness, disease and infirmities. While on earth Jesus provided us with example upon example upon example of healing miracles that we are to learn from.

In part 2 of this series I shared two healing miracles experienced shortly after being born again. In the blog titled Death to Life Experience: Internal Bleed and The Cross, I shared how Jesus revealed Himself and His experience at the Cross to me as I went through a life threatening internal bleed event. My heart understands this revelation of Jesus was given to me as a demonstration of the interconnection between the shedding of Jesus blood and the healing of our bodies.

After these healing experiences, month after month during communion services I would be moved to tears. Tears just came when I heard the story of the cross, when I heard the words spoken about the body and blood of Jesus Christ. What I was experiencing was the Holy Spirit moving me into a deeper and deeper heart understanding about the finished work of Jesus Christ. Jesus became the perfect sin sacrifice acceptable to the Father. Jesus literally overcame the curse that fell upon mankind with the original sin of Adam and Eve. With the curse sickness, disease and infirmities came into existence. At the cross, Jesus became that curse for us. Jesus Christ took the stripes (gashes) on His body for our healing. There is nothing more He has to do. Through His crucifixion, death and resurrection our sins were forgiven and "by His stripes we were healed." There is an interconnection between Jesus shedding His blood for the forgiveness of sins and the healing of our bodies.

I cried because of an inner feeling of sadness knowing that many, perhaps most, Christians do not have this heart understanding. There is a huge difference between thinking something in your mind and having a heart understanding that becomes a part of you in your inner most being.

In teachings and during fellowship with professing Christians you often hear belief statements similar to these:

*Divine healing was part of establishing the early church. We know Jesus CAN heal, but today divine healing does not play a significant role in our churches.

*IF it is God’s Will you will be healed.

*We must PRAY for the sick.

The attitude in many of today’s churches is actually one of unbelief, disbelief and doubt.

Unbelief, disbelief and doubt will and often does negate the flow of God's healing power!

God is a positive god. He does not work with negatives.

Prayerfully, it is desired that as you read this writing you will begin to understand in your heart that these belief statements actually translate to examples of unbelief, disbelief and doubt. This problem stems from poor teachings, lack of knowledge and lack of understanding concerning the "Finished Work of Jesus Christ."

God provided healing 2,000 years ago in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus!
With the suffering and crucifixion completed, Jesus cried out "It is finished." After His death and resurrection Jesus told His disciples, "Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

God has placed into my innermost being His desire for His children to truly see who Jesus is and what was accomplished through His suffering, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection. Jesus came to earth to fulfill God’s plan for mankind’s redemption and salvation. That plan included the undoing of what man's sin brought into the world. That plan included the healing of our bodies. Jesus the perfect sacrificial lamb paid the price for the undoing of the consequences of our sins. There is nothing more Jesus has to do. "It is finished." Jesus paid the price thus overcoming all sickness, all disease and all forms of physical and mental affliction for us.

"By whose stripes ye were (past tense) healied."1 Peter 2:24

"Its already done!. The Lord isn’t healing people today. He provided healing 2,000 years ago in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. People are drawing on that healing by faith and receiving the manifestation of it today. But God already did the necessary work to provide it a long time ago," writes Andrew Wommack.

Recorded on two occasions in the Gospels, first when Jesus began His earthly ministry and the second time as Jesus’ ministry was coming to its end on earth, God lovingly spoke this message to the world:

"This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

It is God's Will to Heal!
When a person believes that IF it is God's Will I will be healed, he or she is operating in a state of unbelief. It is important to understand that unbelief negates healing. You must believe in order to receive healing. IT IS God's Will for His own to be healed. I repeat, IT IS God's Will for His own to be healed.

Recorded in the Gospels are 17 occasions where Jesus healed all of the sick that were present and 47 other times where He healed one or two people at a time. NOWHERE do we find Jesus refusing to heal anyone. Jesus said that He could do nothing of Himself but only what He saw the Father do (John 5:19 and 8:28-29). Jesus' actions should be more than the proof needed to know in your heart that it is always God's Will to heal.

It is never, I repeat never God's Will for His own to die from cancer or other diseases. Yes, we must all die, but it is not God's Will that we die from sickness or disease. Sickness and disease comes from other sources: our own sin, from Satan's deceptions and from living in a sinful world. The source of sickness and disease is NOT God.

The Word of God tells us that God is spirit. He resides in the spirit realm. The healing power of God comes from the spirit realm into manifestation in our natural physical realm through faith.

God’s Word tells us we are each given "the" measure of faith. So, it is not based on how much faith a person has. It is based on the object and focus of our faith. The object of our faith must be the "Cross"" and the focus of our faith must be on "The Finished Work of Jesus Christ at the Cross." We must believe and trust in this. Faith from the heart releases the healing power of God and brings it forth into the natural physical realm we exist in.

God's Will Prevails When Self Will is Surrendered!
There are those who preach and believe that God’s Will always prevails. This is not true when it comes to mankind. For example God’s Word tells us:

"The Lord is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." 2 Peter 3:9.

It is evident, not everyone comes to repentance and thus perishes dying in their sin.

Of utmost importance is the understanding that God gave man free will and God does not act in a person’s life against the will of that person. Each person must choose to surrender / submit / yield (whichever word you want to use) their will to God in order for God to act in their life.

If God acted against your will, He would be a liar because your free will would not really be free will.

Therefore, when we choose not to believe; when we doubt God and His Word; we have made a free will choice and that choice goes against the Will of God.

Thus, God’s Will prevails in a person’s life when the person has willingly surrendered / submitted / yielded his or her will to God. A person must literally give God permission. A person needs to be heart willing to literally give control of their life to God and live their life surrendered to the Will of God. This gives God the permission needed to freely orchestrate and operate in a person’s life and God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit) truly becomes the center of your life.

Pray for the Sick?
Jesus sent out disciples as well as the apostles to heal the sick. He did not tell them to pray for the sick. He told them to heal the sick. He gave them the power and authority to do so. The early church was established through miracles, signs and wonders AND with preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not one without the other. Through Jesus we have this same power and authority and we are called to do the same today as was done in the early church. Heal the sick and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will discuss this further in upcoming parts of this series.

Another Healing Miracle
My older brother called me about four years ago last Spring and told me he was experiencing terrible pain in his shoulder. He said his doctor had told him it was his rotator cuff and he would have to have surgery in order to be rid of the pain. I told him about the healing miracle my youngest daughter had experienced the year before. She went into surgery for her rotator cuff having been told that an MRI showed it was completely torn through. When she went into surgery, much to everyone’s surprise, the rotator cuff was found to be completed healed. The only thing they found was some scar tissue which the surgeons did some clean up work on. I will share more on this in another blog.

I told my brother that the Holy Spirit had put into me the understanding that God wanted His children to understand Jesus provided healing 2000 years ago and He wants us all to take this into our hearts. I told him to approach God through this understanding. After talking with him, I prayed that he would receive this understanding into his heart so that healing could manifest.

I asked my brother about a month later how his shoulder was doing and he told me the pain just left him. I asked again about two years later and at that time he said after my simple prayer, the pain left him. I thought back and reflected on what I had said, testified to above. I did not pray for him TO BE healed. I told him what God had wanted us to understand about what Jesus accomplished going to the cross 2,000 years ago. I believe my brother took this to heart and thus the simple words I spoke to my brother and my brother’s receiving these words brought the healing power of God from the spirit realm into this natural physical realm.

Please take this understanding into your heart! I believe so strongly that as more and more Christians understand in their inner most being what Jesus accomplished at the Cross, the more and more healing miracles will become common place.

Praise the Lord!

In the next part of this series, I believe I will discuss some of Jesus own Words from healing scriptures and will focus attention on John 14.

With love in and through Christ,


Debra Mock @debradoo ·

This is such a wonderful blog, Dorothy. God is limited when we think small or negative. Again, wonderful and much needed.

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Now God doesn't want anyone to be sick. But fables about what the truth is what make us sick. The truth regeneraes the body with a peaceful spirit which bring healing to the soul. It's when we eat 'meat offered to idols' that we get sick. Ideas dedicated to demons corrupt our spirit and the flesh cannot be healthy in that environment. But taking someone out of his misconceptions can require, take literally a miracle because we are so in to what has taken us captive and we have dedicate all our being to those misled concepts of demons...

Blessings. Chow!


Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

Thank you debradoo and thbg for your much appreciated and meaningful comments. It helps to keep me focused. I pray others were blessed, too, by the blog and comments made. Bless you!

ptl2008 - Evelyn, you offer an interesting perspective. I wish to encourage you to continue reading this series to see where we differ in our beliefs concerning healing. You are such a blessing to those who are participating on this website. Thanks for always blessing others by providing uplifting, encouraging and meaningful comments to many bloggers' writings.

Part 4 of this series has now been posted.


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