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For a number of years, I have been envisioning writing about each day of God's Creation Week. God knows for sure, but I do not know if these writings will eventually become a book(s), Bible Study, Sunday School lessons, hand-outs or simply blogs, etc. But, I have had the strong sense that I am to do this writing. It seems as if this belief is coming to the forefront once again as a number of blogs have recently been written around this subject. So, with the belief that I am obeying God, I will begin work on this endeavor through the writing of this series.

When the Holy Spirit was drawing me to Jesus Christ, I had this experience early in August of 2001. As I was traveling along a highway in the Minnesota River Valley, I was arguing in my mind whether or not God is real. As I came to a curve in the road where I could see trees, water and flat lands all in one scenic glance, I said something like: God, I know you are real; all of this could not just have happened. As I have reflected on this, I am so certain that what God wanted me to do was declare Him as the Creator.

During the first month, October of 2001, after being spiritually awakened and born-again In Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit spoke the word "literal" and stressed how literal God truly is and I had the sense that He was working with me in a literal way. This is one of those things that are hard to explain. But, the sense of His being very literal started becoming a part of me.

In December of 2001, I caught the program Creation in the 21st Century on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). I tuned in toward the end of the program and the host, Carl Baugh, was talking about the sun and how it is shrinking. This program had just introduced me to the vast amount of evidence that supports God's Creation Account of six literal days and a young earth.

From there it did not take long at all before the Holy Spirit convinced me that the creation of the heavens, earth and all life was done just as the Bible tells us. God's creation week took place about 6,000 years ago and His process took six literal days.

During this period of revelation, the Holy Spirit clearly spoke this phrase: "Believe His Word, not man's word." I have been convinced ever since that the Biblical account without anything added to it is literal truth. And, it has helped me so much to see the literalness of the whole of God's Word.

It was interesting how God first proved His creation account to me, then, He led me to Answers in Genesis where God's Word is stessed first and foremost and they show how the evidence unaltered supports God's Word.

During the revelation period, it became clear that the account of the worldwide flood was literal. The vast amount of fossil evidence serves as a record of this worldwide flood and supports the Creation Week Account.

Through this whole experience, I came to believe that God wants me to use the Genesis Account, primarily chapters 1-11, in the sharing and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To use the almost hidden richness of these chapters when answering such questions as: who is Jesus? and why is He the only way to be saved, the only way to our receiving eternal life, the only way to spending eternity in the presence of God?

My intention in this series will be to look at each day of the creation week and introduce some of the evidence, which, I believe, should convince believers in Jesus Christ that God's record, which He gave directly to Moses, is literal truth.

There will be, I believe, two additional introductory blogs written to prepare readers for these writings.

My intent is to honor God and give Him all glory. To present God as the speaker of literal truth. Our Holy God cannot lie!

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Billy Beard @billyb ·

I am personally glad to see you addressing this revgenlink. I know that we are in agreement on this. It seems the book of Genesis has been ripped and butchered into shreds, myths, to many, at least up to the time of Abraham, for an awful lot of people in christendom. I am one of what these would term, simple minded. Believing Genesis 1-11 is literal, not allegoric in nature. Many, even within christendom, are, and have been, changing most of the Bible into allegories, and myths, copied of pagan myths of old.

Yet everything that is used allegorically in the scripture, is plain to understand as such. Uses of 'as it were', and so forth. Objects that were 'seen' in visions, and such as this. Many have destroyed that word 'day', and even the 'one-six day words'. Using their erroneous logic, they could have marched around Jericho thousands of years! Why were the Israelites told to keep the 'seventh' day? The reason was clear, except for these allegorist. The dangers of going there is obvious, yet, science now dictates that we must, according to many, who see man as more dependable than God Himself. Well, we shall see how that goes!

Clearly, this creation issue, is just one more issue, we have to accept, by nothing other than faith, who we place faith in. The Bible is absolutely full, of issues, that man and science, in terms of logic and intelligence, will have to decide about, the same as creation. Do we in faith, believe. So, it is a VERY big issue! How far is man in his reasoning willing to go? If Genesis 1-11 is destroyed, so goes the rest. I will definitely not be among them, and I know you won't either. God guide you, and Bless, Billy

Benjamin Foulks @galahad ·

A very good subject to deal with. I have nothing against science, for it is one of my favorite subjects. Concerning Creation, science can only measure the observable, and science will always be limited because man is limited. An honest scientist would never rule out any possibility; but sadly some do. They begin their observations of the universe with the premise that there is no God, and go from there. This is most unscientific; for an honest scientist understands there are limitless possibilities outside of their realm of limited knowledge. To say "There is no God." one must himself be all-knowing and all-present, which cannot be. Science can only measure and observe Creation 'after the fact'. God created in six days. The measurable effect of that six days of creation most likely gives a scientist a false perception that it took longer, millions or billions of years. Herein lies the conundrum, scientific fact is not Truth; at least not the Truth we have as Christians. Truth is like knowing 2+2=4; science is like trying to figure out how 'long' it took 2+2 to =4. An exercise in futility if you ask me. However, there does exist much science that supports Biblical accounts, although I do not require them to know God's Word is true. And I do not reject science out-of-hand. A properly conducted and honest scientific study of God's Universe always leaves me in more awe of Him. And for that I am grateful. :)

I look forward to your blogs on the Biblical account of Creation.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I too look foward to this series. I have to say that I read certain portions of the bible and though I may not understand them I believe them for they are the word of God.

I will wait with anticipation for the next blog


Looking forward to these studies as well Rev! For I know that they will come from purity of heart! I also beleive in a very young earth! God Blees you richly , my friend! Dave

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


I too am delighted that you are writing this series.

As you and I have discussed many times, I view this differently. However, this I [b]KNOW[/b] to be the literal [b]TRUTH[/b]: [i]In the beginning God created...[/i]. Without this, the rest of the Bible is only a good read.

I view not only the Bible, but ALL OF CREATION as being God's spoken Word. This includes the laws of science.

Keep on keepin' on, my dear friend.

Shalom, Art

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