God Spoke: Will Never Again Have Pain in Knee - Left Knee Healed

In God's healing of my left knee, God used a word from an orthopedic surgeon and a word of knowledge spoken on two different occasions by Gordon Robertson of the respected Christian program, The 700 Club, to confirm that my knee was being healed and that I will never again have pain in my left knee.

On a Sunday in mid January, 2011, after standing at the altar in church praising God for a period of time, I started feeling increased pain in my left knee. I had experienced some pain and discomfort before this, but had been ignoring it. The pain became more and more intense as this day went on. It felt like there was a tight band around the base of my knee and pain was emanating from that area. This strong pain did not want to stop and it got to be both an annoying and a gnawing form of pain. I resorted to an aspirin regiment to ease the discomfort.

In combating the problem with my knee, I prayed asking for healing and I put into action what I have been learning over the past several years. I commanded the pain to go, to leave my body, and I spoke healing and restoration to my knee, in the name of Jesus. When I did this, it seemed that the band of pain broke up and dispersed down my leg. So, then I was feeling discomfort and grawing pain down my leg originating from the knee.

So strongly do I believe what I have been sharing in the many blogs I have written on the subject of healing. I was not about to quit believing that my knee was being healed. That the healing power of God was at work. I asked God if He would in some way show me that my knee was being healed.

I put off going to see a doctor because I felt like it would be a sign of unbelief, but, I also know that you need to be dealing with the root cause of your problem in order to speak effectively to the problem (the mountain), to speak healing and to see healing manifest. I thought, maybe there was something going on that I just did not know about, like a blood clot on the knee. So, finally in mid February, on a Thursday morning, I called and set up an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who had done hip replacement surgery on my left hip in 2005. In prayer and in my thoughts I was doing this because I needed to know what the root cause of the problem with my knee was.

That very Thursday evening, I tuned into the 700 Club at about 10:45 p.m., just in time for the healing segment of the program. Gordon Robertson said those who are in need of healing place your hand on the area that needs to be healed. I placed my hand on my left knee. The very first word of knowledge that Gordon spoke was, "There is someone with their hand on the inside of their left knee, God is healing your knee!" On the very day I called to make an appointment with a doctor, God used a word of knowledge spoken by the Holy Spirit to Gordon Robertson to confirm that God's healing power was at work, my knee WAS being healed.

I did keep my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. After taking xrays, I was waiting to see the doctor. When he came into the room and looked at the x rays, he said only one word "arthritis" How clear is that? I believed I needed to know what the root cause of my knee problem was and God gave me a direct response through an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor told me both of my knees were in bad shape. He was expecting me to give the okay for surgery and set up the arrangements for surgery. I told him I was not ready to have surgery done. I did accept a shot of cortisone, since there was still a little discomfort.

To re-emphasize, in addition to asking for healing to manifest and speaking healing to my body, in prayer I had made two requests, one, asking God if he would show me in some way that I was being healed and, two, asking to know for sure what the root cause of the problem with my knee was. He answered each request in a very clear way. All glory to God!!!

I did wonder why my healing did not instantly manifest completely. In my thoughts, I considered the need to cooperate with God to see healing manifest. I must not be doing things that hinder the manifestation of healing. So, what was I doing? Well, for pretty much all of my life, I have not been consistent in any way concerning physical exercise. I would say, especially now that I am in my senior years, that I am physically lazy. Over the weeks that followed these experiences, I could not truthfully tell whether my knee was healed or not. I was not experiencing pain and what I was and am experiencing could certainly indicate that healing is taking place. Well, anyway, since I was drawn to the knowledge that exercise is beneficial to combating arthritis, I purchased a video to use with simple exercises for seniors with arthritis to do. I have not been at all consistent about exercising. I was becoming concerned that the healing could not manifest completely because my self will was operating in opposition and that the pain in my knee would return after the cortisone shot wore off.

On Thursday, April 14, I was thinking about the great amount of pain I had experienced with this knee and not wanting nor giving in to the idea that the pain would return. That evening, I watched "It's Supernatural" and the guest talked about the "root cause" of problems. After, the program I started thinking about how pretty much all of my life I have been physically lazy and I earnestly talked to God about this life time habit that I just was not able to overcome. Something started to happen, the Holy Spirit started doing something. It was as if He wanted me to hold onto my thoughts. I sat with my eyes closed and for the next several minutes, I just kept saying "in the name of Jesus."

On that Friday morning, I tuned into the 700 Club, which I rarely get to watch during the day. As the program progressed, I thought about my knee and how I so wanted in some way to have the assurance that my knee was healed and I would not have any more pain. I just wanted all of this over and done. When the healing segment came on, again, it was Gordon Robertson who said place your hand on the area that you need healing. I placed my hand on my left knee and Gordon spoke this word of knowledge (not exactly word for word): "There is someone who has their hand on their left knee. You have been experiencing some numbness and have experienced great pain in that knee. God has healed you. You will NEVER again have pain in that knee." God's final word concerning my knee! It is healed and I will not ever again have pain in this knee. All praise and all glory to God through His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

This whole experience has touched me deeply. God so directly answered my specific requests and made the healing of my knee clear to me by using others to carry a message and the confirmation. Hopefully, this testimony is also clear to those reading this testimony.

In 2001, after I experienced the healing miracle of my physical heart restored and after Jesus revealed Himself in a mighty way when I experienced a severe internal bleed, as I was reading a passage in God's Word, the Holy Spirit spoke this message to me.

The Holy Spirit told me "when I start doing God's work, I will be healed."

Since God revealed Himself so directly with this healing of my left knee, actually confirming the healing through other people, I cannot help but wonder if I am finally arriving at the point where God is positioning me to do the specific work that He has prepared in advance for these days leading up to the "End of the Church Age" and the return of Jesus Christ. I know my calling and preparation is specifically for ministering to others during the end of days.

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