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Healing God's Way: Renewing of the Mind - Rotator Cuff Healing Miracle published by
A series of blogs on conquering unbelief with testimony of healing miracles
A series of blogs on conquering unbelief with testimony of healing miracles - -

The "renewing of the mind" takes place within the believer and follower of Jesus Christ through the hearing and receiving of the uncompromised truth of the Word of God. The "renewing of the mind" for every person born again in Jesus Christ is critically important and does positively affect every aspect of your life. So, it is in the area of receiving miracles of healing. You must believe in order to receive!

About five years ago one day in May, my older brother, Bill, called and told me about how he was suffering with such terrible pain in his shoulder. He said his doctor told him it was his rotator cuff and that in order to be rid of the pain, he would have to undergo surgery.

I told my brother how the Holy Spirit has put deep into me the understanding that God really really wants His children to understand in their mind AND heart that Jesus finished the work needed to be done for our healing some 2,000 years ago when He took the stripes on his back. Not only did Jesus shed His blood for the forgiveness of sin, He took the 39 lashes on His back and this shedding of His blood completed the work needed for the healing of our physical bodies. Jesus took the curse upon Himself. The curse that had come upon mankind because of sin. God longingly and lovingly wants us to take this understanding into our hearts. He completed the work for our healing. I told Bill to approach God through this understanding.

I, also, told him about the healing miracle my youngest daughter had experienced the year before. She went into surgery for her rotator cuff having been told that an MRI showed it was completely torn through. When she went into surgery, much to everyone's surprise and delight, the rotator cuff was found to be completely healed. The only thing left was some scar tissue which the surgeons did some clean up work on.

After completing our talk and hanging up the phone, I prayed that Bill would receive this message with his heart so that healing would manifest.

I asked my brother about a month later how his shoulder was doing and he told me, after we talked the pain just left him. I asked again about two years later and he said after my simple prayer, the pain left him. No surgery, no pain, a miracle healing manifested. All glory to our Father through Jesus!

I thought back and reflected on what I had said. I did not pray for Bill TO BE healed. I told him what God wants us to understand about Jesus' "finished" work at the cross.

I believe my brother took our discussion to heart and thus the simple truth I spoke to my brother and his receiving this truth removed doubts and any hindrance of unbelief thus the the healing power of God was not hindered by unbelief and came from the supernatural realm into the natural physical realm with the manifestation of healing as the result.

Please, please "renew your mind." by hearing within you over and over again the truth of God's Word until God's truth becomes a part of you. A new way of thinking! When you pray, pray with this understanding. Don't pray with an attitude that Jesus has more He must do in order for you to be healed.

Believing and trusting God's Word uncompromised and expecting without doubt and unbelief. This is our part (bringing about strong pure faith) in the receiving of the manifestation of a healing miracle.

I believe so strongly that as more and more Christians understand in their inner most being what Jesus accomplished when He went to the cross, the more and more healing miracles will be received and miracle healings will become more and more common place.

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Praise the Lord!

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Dorothy Von Lehe is credentialed as a commissioned minister. Her calling- tying the end to the beginning- Revelation to Genesis.
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Published: Mar 09 2011 06:42:07pm

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Steven Birnie (@pastorstevenbirnie)

Hello, that was an interesting blog. I did want to leave a small comment though, just something to think about. By his stripes we are healed refers to what the prophet Issiah said in chapter 53, Peter's and Issiah's comments were'nt talking about physical healing but restoration of relationship with God, if you read what peter fully said was that all have gone astray. The verse that more applys to Jesus work on the cross regarding physical healing comes from Issiah 53:4, where Issiah says surely he has borne our sorrows and grief, grief translated in the Hebrew is bodily sickness, check the gospel of Mark when Mark quotes this verse. You might think it's splitting hair this comment but it's important we use correct scripture for correct interpretaion. Using that verse in Peter has damaged many individual's faith, thinking they are ill and not being healed by a lack of faith, that's not correct. My wife has been healed on four occasions, medically proven too, I myself went through a period of illness and wasn't. Myself and my wife are no different to God, God's main purpose in our lives is to conform us to the image of his son so he can live his life through to reach the lost. Paul had a thorn in the flesh, Timothy had stomach issues, Epaphroditus in Phillipians almost died, these men were men of faith yet they had issues left with them for specific reasons, Paul for example was to keep him from pride, a far worse poison in his system than an illness. Sorry I don't mean to come across as critising but we need to handle the word of God and how we use it in the fear of the Lord knowing that if we are not acurate we can make a brother stumble, even if we don't mean it. The devil used incorrect scripture to tempt Christ and he twisted God's word in the garden, we mustalways fully study a subject before we begin to speak out and testify about it. God bless you though and I pray you take this in the heart it is intended, to remind us to be vigalent in what we believe to be truth in order we may encourage others. Steven

Dorothy Von Lehe+ (@revgenlink)

Matthew 8:17 "That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias (Isaiah) the prophet. saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses." Reference being made is to Isaiah. 53:4

I Peter 2:24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, the we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

I have spent much time considering the wording of these passages and have been sharing testimony of healing experiences and sitting under the teaching of the Holy Spirit seeking His guidance in learning the reason(s) why so many people do not receive manifestations of healing miracles. The purpose of this series is to explore areas of unbelief. We can have belief and unbelief at the same time. This series is about how to conquer unbelief so unbelief does not hinder / block the flow of the healing power of God.

Specifically, when I was thinking about responding to this comment. The Holy Spirit reminded me during Jesus' ministry here on earth Jesus connected forgiveness of sin and healing. The passage in I Peter 2:24 is connecting the truth that Jesus bore our sin and our sicknesses and the stripes He took on His back was for the healing of our bodies - sickness, disease, infirmities. If we disconnect the two we are in contradiction to the very example Jesus provided us with over and over again during His ministry here on earth.

This is my third series I have written on Healing here on ChristianBlog. One of these series was an 18 lesson study provided by the Andrew Wommack Ministries. At the top, in the navigational bar, you will find "series". Click on this and you will see listed two series on Healing with links (God Wants You Well - 18 lesson study and Healing God's Way - Conquering Unbelief - Index to the third series is also contained in this listing).

I am disappointed that the message I was attempting to convey in this blog was missed. I invite you to read the previous blogs in this series and the future blogs yet to be written.

Hope this is helpful! Thank you for your comment.


Ray Tyre (@hisslave)

Brother Steven,
You are obviously a student of scripture and study to show yourself approved. You're points are very well illustated. We don't know, however, what Pauls' thorn in the flesh was. He said it was a "messenger of Satan" sent to buffet him, so literally, could it have been a demon assigned to him by the devil to bring persecution in the way of stoning, snakebite, shipwreck, imprisonment and yes, buffeting? It was "in the flesh", but as you probably well know, the Greek word "sarx", used for flesh here can be widely interpreted. I wonder if this was left a mystery by design so we could fill in the blank from our own lives. God bless you all.

Steven Birnie (@pastorstevenbirnie)

Hello my friend. Nice to have a small debate with humble Christians! Apologies at times I can be a little insensitive, still learning. The one thought I have with Paul's thorn in the flesh was a portion in Galatians when Paul remarks to the church that they had showed him love in the brginning but now when he was showing them harsher truths they began to back away. He said "even if it were possible you would have pluckeed out your own eyes because of how much they loved him. Many think that Paul had a disease of the eye, think it's called olothemia? This was the thorn I believe. Either way though it was sent by satan as a means to keep him from pride, it always strikes me that God used this as a means to keep Paul from pride, keep him humble and relying on his grace rather than his own strength. What do you think of this interpretation? God bless

Steven Birnie (@pastorstevenbirnie)

I'm sorry again my love, I'm still in the early stages of ministry (a long way to go) and I get a bit carried away sometimes. Having been seriously ill too I had many attacks from Christians about something being wrong with my faith, I've met many who have stepped back from church because they've been hurt, it's just a subject I feel quite passionate about. Please don't take this as any discouragement, you are clearly a far more humble and gracious christian than I am, just goes to show knowledge doesn't buy you christ-like character, could I ask your forgiveness?

God bless

Steven Birnie (@pastorstevenbirnie)

Hello again, quite a debate going here, healing typically causes quite a lot of tension. Regards the Peter verse, again this mistake arises from it being wrongly interpreted. If you look at that verse in the context of what Peter he was saying, he was talking about us going astray and coming back to the shepherd of out souls, being healed, restored into a right fellowship with God. Issiah refered to this restoration 6 times in Issiah, each time God was healing relationships and nations. There's no argument about Christ taking our bodily sicknesses on the cross, the word tells us that, it's the manner in which he does so is everyone's question.

I laid hands on two people this morning in our service and saw them physically healed, my wife has had 4 medically proven healings. I'm not saying anything about the manifestation of the healing of God when he'll perform that through someone as weak as myself. What I am saying is, to fully understand the manifestation of the healing power of God you must explore the subject exhaustively, meaning you must take every instance in the word of God regarding healing and form opinions from there. we can't take portions of scripture and form a ministry nor can we have our beliefs solely on another mans ministry. My beliefs are based upon years of watching how God does things and seeing them manifest in real time.

What I'm really saying is, ministries like that cannot explain God wants you well. See the Apostle Timothy, scripture quotes a man of great faith, well spoken of by the elders, set forth under Paul's guidance, given oversight of one of the largest new testament churches of his time yet he had physical problems, belief like what you hold can't explain that.

Jesus didn't actually connect sin with healing, when the disciples asked what sin this man had committed to make him sick jesus said none but for him to glorify my father which is in heaven. You have to take into account all of what scripture says about a subject, not another mans ministry, we know in part and we prophecy in part. Scripture must be studied over and over to gain true understanding.

The one true belief in the word of God is this, that the holy spirit of God would never contradict his word, his nature or his will. There are many individuals who claim to hear from God, that the holy spirit laid it on their heart, yet if it contradicts the word of God it can't be him. We are warned to test the spirits to see if they be of God.

I'm sorry again revgenlink, this is a subject that requires far more study than that of a man's ministry.

God bless you my love and I hope you have a nice day, I pray this be a challenge and not something which discourages.

Steven Birnie (@pastorstevenbirnie)

Thanks for your comments Southern Christian. I hope you know God can and will use you mightily despite any infirmity you may have. Though might encourage you to know that the long held arguement of Paul's thorn in the flesh is actually a simple mistake, the focus when studying that subject tends to be on the word flesh. The word flesh isn't the word to focus on it's actually infirmities. When we see 2nd Corinthians 12.9 you find Paul talking about infirmities, Paul said he'd rather glory in his infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me. The word infirmities in the Greek is as-then-i-al which means bodily disease. There's far more weight of evidence that supports Paul's thorn actually being a physical thing, sent by satan to keep him from his own pride. many would say it was afflictions and persecutions, they aren't thorns they just come with the territory.

Unfortunately many ministries and people focus on healing when the focus is meant to be the gospel of Jesus Christ, I've heard and experienced many Christians who drive done others down because of their own beliefs contradicting the great commandment of Christ to Love one another. These individuals tend to be far more interested in their own belief systems than loving their fellow Christian by not presenting them with a stumbling block in their faith. these folk will be judged on that great day so take heart.

God may not have even started with you yet, that infirmity you have will never stop God working through you so powerfully. I pray Sir that if you haven't already, seek God, ask him "what is it Lord you want of me", don't be surprised if he answers. God bless you friend I've enjoyed these discussions.

Dorothy Von Lehe+ (@revgenlink)

Because of the tone and because of assumptions made, I believe further response to this particular comment will just not be productive.

However, in the many blogs of testimony I have shared (covering nine years of studying God's Word on this subject, watching and learning how God does things, and seeing healing miracles manifest) and in some future blogs I will (and already have) address(ed) at least some of the content contained in this comment.

Steven, It IS wonderful that you have been involved with seeing healing miracles manifest. And, Praise the Lord for the healing miracles your wife has received.


This reply goes with comment that starts with: "Hello again, quite a debate going here,"

Steven Birnie (@pastorstevenbirnie)

Hello Dorothy, you are probably right, this type of debate never tends to end well. I'm glad as Christians we can agree on the more important things like Christ on the cross and saving the lost. Just a closing thought, as Christians we will face judgement (but not punishment) for the things said and done on this earth, we'll be judged on how we influenced others and the things we taught. I just hope you are sure of the things you teach as you don't appear to be a qualified overseer within the body to shepherd and teach. I hope you fear the Lord enough to be absolutely thorough with what you believe before teaching others. This is an encouragement I would give to anyone who would teach others.

God bless

Dorothy Von Lehe+ (@revgenlink)

We will all stand before Jesus Christ. He is the one who chooses and prepares in advance the work He has for us to do. Jesus is the qualifier. He loves to use the least of us in His way!

Steven Birnie (@pastorstevenbirnie)

Hello again, apologies if those comments sound a bit strong and harsh, after re-reading it, it seems to be a little impersonal. God bless you and I pray you take this in the right heart. The last thing I'd want to do is discourage someone.

Dorothy Von Lehe+ (@revgenlink)

I have been wrestling with writing on what "faith" must be based on and how the altering of beliefs and adding man's traditions in many of our churches have and are continuing to contribute to the decline of seeing healing miracles manifest. The reason I wrestle is because it seems to be such a sensitive topic. The base for strengthening "faith" has been so compromised. Pure unhindered strong faith comes only by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. We must "hear" within us what the Word of God is saying. It does not become the "faith" Jesus is describing to us in God's Word when we have diluted and polluted His Words with man's altered beliefs and made up traditions. "You must believe in order to receive." These are the words the Holy Spirit spoke to me. Believe to the point where it has become an integral part of you.

Concerning Paul's thorn in the flesh. I wish to refer you to the lessons presented through Andrew Wommack. You will find the links to, I believe, three lessons on this subject by clicking on "series" in the navigational bar and on the series "God Wants You Well Study". A very interesting and beneficial reading.

Steven, I certainly forgive, even though there is nothing to forgive. Comments that are not mean spirited often provide a base for some fruitful discussion and, perhaps, even an opportunity to grow in Christ.

Thank you all for your comments and the discussion!


Billy Beard (@billyb)

Dorothy, I just wanted to commend everyone who has commented here. Regarding sin, death, sickness, what happens in every day life, personally I believe there is much we just can not fully understand. Jesus Christ conquered all that hinders and separates us, we all know that. Yet, we live in this fallen world, still, and perfection will not be achieved entirely, completely, here, in this world, though we sure don't quit trying. Or settle for defeat. It wasn't (perfection) accomplished on earth in the gospels. Even the apostles of Christ, after pentecoste, though they were obviously empowered greatly of God through the Holy Spirit, would have struggles, made mistakes. We see all that in Acts and the epistles. Nor has it since. Yet, God worked and still works through all.

I sure don't have all the answers. I won't always agree with every teaching regarding sin and death and sickness. In Christ, when He returns, there will be total victory. Others won't always agree with my views either. This is how we learn and grow in Christ. Love for each other is what we focus on, regardless, and this blog and thread is a great example of that. Thanks everyone. billy

Dorothy Von Lehe+ (@revgenlink)

Love for each other is what we focus on, regardless. Yes, Thanks Billy! Sorry that this discussion has taken a slight dip!

Dorothy Von Lehe+ (@revgenlink)

Just suppose 10 people, perhaps 100 people who had little to no knowledge, little to no understanding of the "Finished Work" of Jesus at the cross, by reading the three series I have published on Healing go on to receive a healing miracle. Just suppose.

I do not base my testimony on just one man's ministry, but Andrew Wommack has been involved with 1000s upon 1000s of people receiving healing manifestations including at least several people being raised from the dead (his own son was raised after being dead for five hours). Andrew's teaching and healing ministry began more than 35 years ago. His goal is for every person he ministers healing to in the name of Jesus see a healing miracle manifest. He states, he has not yet arrived, but he is seeing better and better results. He is a humble, knowledgeable, Spirit led, obedient teacher and servant of God. He teaches on The Gospel Truth that is aired on several cable networks.

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