Healing Points #2 Christ's Atonement And Healing

We are all in agreement that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins at the cross. Right? God the Father caused His one and only Son to bear all our sins on the cross. He shed His own pure blood to satisfy God's requirement of a human pure blood sacrifice for sin. This is what is preached and taught in Christian churches.

Is the truth that healing IS part of Christ's atonement being preached and taught? Jesus shedding of His blood provided for the healing of spirit, soul AND body.

1 Peter 2:24 (KJV)
Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

Jesus took stripes on His back for our physical healing. This is not just incidental. It is not insignificant. Jesus thought enough of the importance of healing to purchase it with his own blood. Therefore, we ought to think enough of it to be taught by the Holy Spirit how to receive this healing He made provision for.

What do churches teach about Christ's atonement? If the body of Christ was fully presenting the Gospel it would be making a much greater impact on the world today. Jesus not only came for the life hereafter, He came to heal us and keep us healthy. He came to deliver us from the depression, despair and strife in our daily lives. He came to prosper us in a way we could never accomplish just through our own effort. If the churches presented that God is not only for the forgiveness of sins but for these other areas as well, then people would see that Jesus is truly relevant to their daily lives.

Point 2: A major key to receiving healing is to believe with your whole heart, taking this belief into your inner most being, that Jesus provided healing for us at the same time He provided forgiveness for our sins. The renewing of our minds needs to include this truth. It needs to become an integral part of you and the way you think. No doubting. Doubting often serves as a great hindrance to seeing a manifestation of healing occur. With the understanding rooted in our hearts that Jesus paid the price for the healing of our physical bodies, we will see many more miracle healings take place.
This truth about healng is not yet widely understood and believed across the body of Christ today, which explains why so few people are walking in it. Most of us as Christians think that God could certainly heal if He wanted to, but we don't see that He has already redeemed us from sickness and disease. We view healing as something the Lord can do, but we don't know for sure that it is His will. Healing is a done deal and is available to us now, exactly the same as forgiveness of sins.Andrew Wommack, God Wants You Well, The Gospel Truth

When I think about sickness and disease, the following makes perfect sense to me: It was man's sin that brought sickness and disease into this world, with the price paid by pure blood for the forgiveness of our sins, sickness and disease no longer has a place in a believer's life. Remember, we are Not powerless. We have authority given to us by Jesus Christ and the very resurrection power of God living in us, specifically the Holy Spirit. It is so so so important to know that we can ward off any sickness or disease that trys to attack us because neither sickness nor disease belong to us, we belong to Jesus Christ.

What Jesus Christ did at the cross was not only for the hereafter, it was not only a heaven-and-hell issue. Healing is not just an add-on or added benefit that only happens sometimes. Healing is an essential part of what Jesus Christ came to do. Jesus purchased healing for us just as He purchased forgiveness. It is all part of Christ's Atonement.

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