Healing Points Supplement 1- Renewing of the Mind - Rotator Cuff Miracle

Healing Points Series Supplement:

The "renewing of the mind" takes place within the believer and follower of Jesus Christ through the hearing and receiving of the uncompromised truth of the Word of God. The "renewing of the mind" for every person born again in Jesus Christ is critically important and does positively affect every aspect of your life. So, it is in the area of receiving miracles of healing. You must believe in order to receive!

About five years ago one day in May, my older brother, Bill, called and told me about how he was suffering with such terrible pain in his shoulder. He said his doctor told him it was his rotator cuff and that in order to be rid of the pain, he would have to undergo surgery.

I told my brother how the Holy Spirit has put deep into me the understanding that God really really wants His children to understand in their mind AND heart that Jesus finished the work needed to be done for our healing some 2,000 years ago when He took the stripes on his back. Not only did Jesus shed His blood for the forgiveness of sin, He took the 39 lashes on His back and this shedding of His blood completed the work needed for the healing of our physical bodies. Jesus took the curse upon Himself. The curse that had come upon mankind because of sin. God longingly and lovingly wants us to take this understanding into our hearts. He completed the work for our healing. I told Bill to approach God through this understanding.

I, also, told him about the healing miracle my youngest daughter had experienced the year before. She went into surgery for her rotator cuff having been told that an MRI showed it was completely torn through. When she went into surgery, much to everyone's surprise and delight, the rotator cuff was found to be completely healed. The only thing left was some scar tissue which the surgeons did some clean up work on.

After completing our talk and hanging up the phone, I prayed that Bill would receive this message with his heart so that healing would manifest.

I asked my brother about a month later how his shoulder was doing and he told me, after we talked the pain just left him. I asked again about two years later and he said after my simple prayer, the pain left him. No surgery, no pain, a miracle healing manifested. All glory to our Father through Jesus!

I thought back and reflected on what I had said. I did not pray for Bill TO BE healed. I told him what God wants us to understand about Jesus' "finished" work at the cross.

I believe my brother took our discussion to heart and thus the simple truth I spoke to my brother and his receiving this truth removed doubts and any hindrance of unbelief thus the the healing power of God was not hindered by unbelief and came from the supernatural realm into the natural physical realm with the manifestation of healing as the result.

Please, please "renew your mind." by hearing within you over and over again the truth of God's Word until God's truth becomes a part of you. A new way of thinking! When you pray, pray with this understanding. Don't pray with an attitude that Jesus has more He must do in order for you to be healed.

Believing and trusting God's Word uncompromised and expecting without doubt and unbelief. This is our part (bringing about strong pure faith) in the receiving of the manifestation of a healing miracle.

I believe so strongly that as more and more Christians understand in their inner most being what Jesus accomplished when He went to the cross, the more and more healing miracles will be received and miracle healings will become more and more common place.

Original blog was published on March 22, 2011 as part of a series on conquering unbelief.


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