Kidney Transplant Miracles -- Dead -- Life Restored

Just this past Friday evening, I was watching Christian television and caught part of the testimony of a man who had fallen head first off a cliff some 45 feet onto rocks. As he was air lifted to a hospital, his wife was told it was very unlikely he would live because of damage to his brain, massive internal injuries and broken bones. The result when tests were completed on him was he was in perfect shape. Doctors nicknamed him the miracle man. No brain damage, no internal injuries, no broken bones. He was just fine. Later that day, his wife talked to his mother who told her that she had felt the need to pray for her son. Their conversation made them realize a spiritual battle had taken place over the very life of this man. The Holy Spirit is much more powerful than anything satan and his forces can throw at you and your family.

This testimony made me realize that my friend and I had actually fought a battle with satan over the very life and soul of her daughter in January of 2009. As best I can, I will share this amazing story with you.

If you do not believe in generational curses, what my friend's family has experienced may convince you otherwise. For at least three generations, everyone in this family has suffered with Type A diabetes. My beloved sister in Christ, Liz, is in her early 50s and she is considered disabled because of her diabetes and because of her mental condition. I will just say that she has endured some indescribable abuse, which may well have contributed to her mental condition. Her brother died not long ago from his diabetes. I believe all of her siblings and their children have diabetes and Liz's two children have diabetes and her two grandchildren are already showing signs of early onset diabetes.

Her daughter's (D ) condition turned so bad that her kidneys failed. Before surgery, dialysis was the only thing that was keeping her alive. She was told her kidneys were not functioning nor was her pancreas producing insulin. She was receiving dialysis three times a week. D had been on the list for a kidney transplant and none had been found. Family members were tested with no luck. But, then miracle number 1 took place. The father of D's two children proved to be a match for her. Even though they were not legally married, they were and still are really married to each other. T was willing to give her one of his kidneys. No doubt, this match up was arranged in advance by God for this particular time of need.

Liz and I had been learning more and more about divine healing through God's Word, experiences, study and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Each of us has come to the conclusion that God meant for us to be prepared for what was coming concerning her daughter. Both of us believed D was NOT going to die. We believed a miracle was going to take place. I tried to encourage Liz to use what we had learned and seek after a creative miracle--a new kidney and a new pancreas. Liz told me she believed the miracle would come through surgery. I told her I just did not want to see her daughter go through so much more. She had already been through much much suffering and the very life was just being sucked out of this beautiful young woman, age early 30s.

Before Liz left for Rochester, Minnesota, where Mayo Clinic surgeons would perform the surgeries on D and T, I reminded Liz to always and only think positive, no negatives whatsoever, and to continually speak life to and over D. The surgery went well for both on Friday, January 9, 2009. Things were looking good, but then on Saturday, mid-morning, when they were preparing D to be moved out of the surgical care area and into a room, D unexpectedly died. When told, Liz went into panic mode. The Holy Spirit told her to call Dorothy. She had the nurse dial my number because she was in such a hyper ventilating state that she could barely function. I was right there sitting by the phone, thus she was able to reach me. I told her to be calm, that we know D is not going to die she is going to live, and to pray the way we have learned to pray. After hanging up, I started to pray thanking God for His promises, His teaching, and for the understanding He had brought to me and I started speaking life over D. I spoke these words, Life come back into the body of D. Life return to this body. I speak life into the body of D in the name of Jesus. I prayed using His name and taking the authority Jesus has given to each true believer and I trusted in the very resurrection power of the Holy Spirit to release the power needed to restore her life. After praying this way for about 25 minutes, I prayed in tongues for another 20 or so minutes. Then, I sensed it was done,

Meanwhile, Liz with her hyperventilating was asking the Lord to help her with her own breathing, but the Holy Spirit shifted her thoughts and she started speaking life to return to D. She told me she kept speaking something similar to this: "breath of life enter D's body, Lord breathe the breath of life into my daughter." About 45 minutes after being told D had died, the nurse came back and said D was going to be okay. That she had not suffered any brain damage. Praise the Lord, her daughter's life had been restored.

Mayo Clinic surgeons were completely amazed at how extremely well her new kidney was functioning in her body. They said they had never seen such good results. Also, she was told her pancreas was producing insulin. T's donated kidney was kind of big for D's little body, so now she has a little tummy bulge because of the size of the kidney.

On Sunday, I just had to travel the 100 miles to Rochester, Minnesota, to more personally be a part of the awesome miracle that had taken place. D looked good. T held her hand and the very look of love that he had for D flowed out from him. I was there to witness this for myself, praise and thank the Lord together and comfort my dear friend and her family.

Now, getting to the spiritual battle part. Liz told me that the night before her daughter's surgery she heard this message from satan. "Your daughter is going to die." After her surgery was completed, Liz said, "satan, you're a liar." Then, on Saturday morning D died for no apparent reason. One reason why Liz went into such a panic mode was because she was beginning to believe satan had won and not only had her daughter died, but her soul was lost. According to Liz, D has not received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. But, No, No, No, satan did not win this battle. God had prepared us to fight this battle and the battle was won through belief, faith, trust, knowledge and response. In the name of Jesus, God's power was released into this life and death situation. All glory, all thanks and all praise to our awesome God.

I saw and talked briefly with D very recently. She said she was doing great. She said she understands that she had received an awesome healing miracle from God.

Please, let this thought start flowing through your mind. I read and have heard this in my heart through the teaching of Andrew Wommack.

"Don't talk to God about your problem (mountain--sickness, disease, infirmity), talk to your problem (mountain) about God!"

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With love in and through Christ,

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister Dorothy, thanks for sharing this blog of miracle and of the wonderful divine healing power of our Lord. Yes, miracles of such magnitude and of such supernatural intervention are truly the works of our God.[img][/img]

To God be all Glory. May those who have received God's miracle live to tell of His wondrous works. [img][/img] Amen

Blessings always

From Hwa [img][/img] Silverpen


Wow! Thanks for sharing of the powerful testimony of this miracle and healing! Praise be unto our Heavenly Father! God Bless you mightily Sister Dorothy! Dave

Muriel Gladney @shakura ·

Thank you for this testimony. I consider it right on time because as of this morning I asked God what is wrong with our/my Faith? I know that God works in wondrous ways. I know that I am covered under the blood of Jesus. But, due to things that have happened over the years, I began to wonder if TODAY we could still speak AND BELIEVE for the healing for others, as in the Bible.
On the other hand, I experienced a similar miracle 15 years ago in the life of my husband. He was supposed to die. God kept him alive. But since then, as I have watched loved ones die, I began to wonder what was wrong.
I think, after reading your testimony, it was the coming together of two who BOTH believed together in the healing of her daughter.
Jesus says where TWO OR MORE come together in His name, He is there. You believed she would not die. The mother believed she would not die. When she would have faltered, you strengthened her with your faith.
Thank you again for this testimony.

Ana Frankel @pearl7 ·

What an inspiration your testimony is. Thank you for sharing.

After I read this, I thought about Rev 12: 10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, "Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, he who accuses them before our God day and night. 11 "And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.

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