No Part of the Curse Belongs to Me: Resisting Sickness!

It has now been nearly two years since I began putting into practice what I have learned and understand about resisting sickness. It has been nearly two years since I have had any sickness of any kind enter my body. As I have shared in a previous blog, I care for grandchildren four to sometimes seven days a week and, I used to catch a version of pretty much everything my grandchildren were experiencing such as cold symptoms, sore throat, feeling nauseated and throwing up. I have not had a cold, flu, virus or any other form of sickness for nearly two years now. Each time I am exposed to something, I speak against it entering my body. I refuse to claim any form of sickness. Sickness does not belong to me.

Let me express this thought to you. Jesus Christ won the victory over everything that came with the curse when Adam and Eve brought sin into the world. Jesus won the VICTORY over the curse and over Satan. WE ARE TO STAND IN CHRIST'S VICTORY. We do not have to win the victory all over again. Jesus won the victory and we should be standing in His victory.

Christ's shed blood, as He took the stripes on his back, purchased and made provision for the healing of our bodies. We are to take a stand resisting anything that is not of God from entering our bodies.

When I was born again in Jesus Christ, He gave me the Holy Spirit to live within me. The Holy Spirit is the very resurrection power of God. I, and all who have been born again in Jesus Christ, have this resurrection power residing within us. Each of us need to understand this and use it the same way Jesus used this power to bring about the manifestation of healing when He walked on this earth. He is our example and not the made up traditions that man has introduced.

We are not to pray to God for healing in a way that diminishes what Jesus Christ accomplished at the cross. We are to put into action the authority Jesus Christ has given us and direct the resurrection power to the healing that is needed. We are not demanding or commanding God to do anything that He has not given us the authority and the power to do.

When I am exposed to some form of sickness, I do the following:

1) Declare who I am in Christ:
I am a daughter of God
I belong to Jesus Christ

2) Declare Christ's Atonement and Provision:
Jesus Christ shed his blood for the forgiveness of my sin toward God and shed his blood for the healing of my body. By His stripes I WAS healed.

3) Declare the indwelling of the Holy Spirit:
The Holy Spirit, the very resurrection power of God, lives within me.

Each time I arrive at this point, I feel stirring rising up inside of me.

4) I speak to whatever may be trying to enter my body such as a cold and symptoms of a cold, flu and symptoms of flu, virus and symptoms produced by a virus or any other form of sickness.
Cold, virus, flu, symptoms, you cannot enter this body. If you have entered this body you must leave now and not return. In the Name of Jesus!

5) Thank and praise God for sending Jesus to put an end to the curse. Thank and praise Jesus for being willing to be the perfect blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins and for the healing of my soul and body.

6) It is done!

I wish to reiterate, I refuse to allow anything related to sickness enter my body. My body is the Holy Temple of God where the Holy Spirit resides and where Jesus Christ as well as our Father abides with me. I will not claim anything that is not of God as being a part of me. Sickness is NOT a part of me!!!

With Love in Christ,
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