Prophetic Message - Jesus Calling Us Home

I wanted to repost this:

Today Passover begins. This evening we will observe a blood moon.

I cannot express with words concerning the content of this prophetic message. I am in tears this morning, I am rejoicing. I am in awe of the Lord. I am speechless.


Prophetic Message spoken on 4-14-14 and received at 12:14 a.m.


Dorothy, listen now to these words. I am bringing you wisdom for the future, for the days ahead that will be faced by My peoples.


You will observe My glory and My wrath unfold. It is written “My saints will see My face and recognize Me as their Lord. I will occupy the minds and hearts of My children. They wll fall down before Me and cry out Abba Father.”


I am coming to claim and reveal to the world My sons and daughters who are walking uprightly in My sight. I will not linger much longer.


The day is coming when all shall see the glory of My Father. They will know there is only One who is the true God. They will worship in spirit and in truth.


I am the Lord thy God, the beginning and the ending. My ways will flood the earth and those who know Me shall rule over the earth. I speak wisdom to those who have ears to hear.


Be My messenger and bring My Words to the forlorn. My peace I give to those who obey and walk uprightly in front of Me. My peace I bring to those who humble themselves before Me. My peace I bring to those who love Me above all others.


I am the way, the truth and the life. My life I gave freely for those who will follow and hear My voice as I lead them through this world of darkness and into the light of day in My kingdom.


I will lead. My chosen will follow. Follow Me home to the pasture I have prepared for My flock. It is filled with milk and honey. It is waiting for My beloved to taste and to live for all eternity. My voice calls out your names, hear Me My beloved whom I claim as My own.

I bought you with a price I could only pay. You belong to Me and I will be yours forever. Come home My children. I await your homecoming. My love is unending. My love is delicious and will quench all your desires of the heart.

My beloved, I call you unto Myself. Hear Me. I am the bridegroom calling out to My bride. I have prepared the way. Come to Me.


In awe of the Lord!

Dorothy von Lehe


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