Spiritual Revival Is Coming To The Valley - Part 2 Conclusion

Many people have been receiving revelations, some for a good number of years, about a spiritual revival that is to break out in the Minnesota River Valley along the Highway 169 corridor. A strong confirmation was spoken on this past Sunday evening that for me answers a number of questions and gives direction to the calling Jesus has planned and prepared to be fulfilled. I am sharing early steps and revelations to provide encouragement for all Christians reading this two-part series. A major spiritual revival IS coming to the Valley, to America.

You MUST read part one of this two part series in order to follow what is being shared beyond this point. You may click on this link: Spiritual Revival Is Coming To The Valley

After I received the second dream with message, I went on to experience five more dreams concerning the end of days. The Holy Spirit taught me how to sit in God's presence and under His teaching guidance He revealed the simple literal truth of the Creation Account. The Holy Spirit gave me the opportunity to experience and be involved with several healing miracles and with learning about God's ways for healing. I came to soon understand that the areas God was drawing me to focus on are "the beginning" with emphasis on God's Account of Creation, divine healing, and "the end" with a focus on the "timing" of the "Removal of The Church." The "timing" emphasis has to do with ministering to ready and prepare people for the return of Jesus Christ.

In addition to the first assignment revelation shared in part 1, which the Holy Spirit spoke within me on Saturday (a Sabbath) October 27, 2001, He spoke two more ministry revelations at nine month intervals:

Ministry Mission
Nine months later, on Saturday (a Sabbath), July 20, 2002, the Holy Spirit spoke what I refer to as His mission for me:
Be A Spiritual Leader
Strengthen "The Church"
Prepare Souls for Eternity

Nine months later, on Saturday (Easter weekend and a Sabbath), April 19, 2003, the Holy Spirit spoke just one word. He told me my commission! The one word is "apostle."

Confirmation Received
When Jesus provides a revelation, He follows it with confirmation. Often, three distinct confirmations are provided. There were three clear confirmations at the time the commission was revealed. They are:
1) Each revelation was spoken on a Sabbath (Saturday) with the commission revealed on Easter weekend.
2) The Holy Spirit spoke each revelation within me in His "calming soft voice".
3) There was nine months birthing time in between the revelations--38 weeks between the first and second revelation and 39 weeks between the second and third revelation. This totals 77 weeks. Jesus number is 777. Realizing the length of time to be 77 weeks was an awesome delight. As revealed in God s Word, God often uses the numbers 3, 7 and 40.

All of what I have experienced over the past ten+ years now makes much more sense. As I have been moved along by the teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit, it seemed clear that what was being revealed to me went beyond the limits of my own community. So, now that I know this revival is to spread through the valley, north to Minneapolis and south into Iowa and have effects nationally, what I am being taught and the revelations I have been receiving make a whole lot of sense. His timing and what has to be pulled together to bring this movement of the Holy Spirit about is shaping. It can no longer be too far off in the future. (For one thing, I am now 68 years old.)

As part of my response to what the Holy Spirit was revealing to me and as a rather young born-again Christian, I actually stepped out in faith and launched a ministry. I rented space, started a small gift shop and attempted to operate the ministry using the areas of focus the Holy Spirit had been walking me through. I publically operated this ministry for about six years, up until January 1, 2009, when I closed the physical location and moved home where I now minister from.

During the years of operation, a good number of people proclaimed that a revival was coming to the Valley. About 5 years ago, a Christian woman who is a prayer warrior active in intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare, (which I am not) visited with me several times at the ministry. On one occasion, she pointed out that as she was driving along Highway 169 one day and she was driving by the billboard of the Green Giant that welcomes people to the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant, she said the Holy Spirit spoke this: "When the giant comes down (falls) revival will come"

Within less than two weeks, I had this dream: I am in bed and my husband comes to me and says someone was here to see me. He hands me two inflated giants. One, the Jolly Green Giant, and the other a plain brown rather ugly giant. (The Green Giant Company's birthplace is Le Sueur, Minnesota.) What hit me in this dream is that it is not the Green Giant that the Holy Spirit was referring to it was the ugly giant of "ignorance" that has come over churches. At least the word "ignorance" is what was put into my mind. The next thing that happens in the dream is I am outside on a dirt sidewalk along a dirt street and I am still in my nightgown. A man walking up the dirt street calls out to me (this man looks like the music director from a lutheran church in Le Sueur I was a member of for nearly 25 years). He says,

"Look she's painting the church a different color."
I look and see a rather new church building being painted a different color.

What I sensed and took away from the dream were these thoughts: The Holy Spirit was telling me it was time to get up and get dressed because the time was near when I would be called on to do the work Jesus has prepared for me.

There is a bit more I could add at this point, but will wait for the appropriate time.

Revival along the Hwy 169 corridor. Yes! Revival to come to Le Sueur churches, to the Valley of the Green Giant and far beyond. All honor, all praise, all glory to God. Thank you Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit!!!


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Not knowing the USA very well -is there any reason why this particular valley has been singled out by God?


Joanne Douglas @jdjames ·

acting on the revelation we receive is showing our faith. when we look back and see the numerical significance, it is pretty awesome. One of those signs, miracles, and wonders that follow those who believe. I pray others have the same revelation about revival in their home towns [ or even right in their own home] as you have. a household becomes a village, a village becomes a nation. jd

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