Spiritual Revival Is Coming To The Valley

Last evening at church, (Thursday, March 7, 2013) I received strong confirmation provided through a minister who received his first, a most awesome, vision at the age of six. He knew nothing about the book of Revelation. Basically, he saw in the vision Jesus riding a white horse followed by His Holy Ones on white horses behind them Angels and Heaven open revealing the city of pure gold, New Jerusalem. He has had a prophetic gift ever since. He grew up in North Dakota and now lives in Texas. He keeps being attracted to and spends time in the Minnesota River Valley along the Highway 169 corridor with the key location he visits being Le Sueur (where I live). He comes because he knows a major revival is to rise up and spread through the valley from here-north to Minneapolis and south into Iowa. The revival will reach out nationally. Many people have been receiving revelations about an upcoming Valley revival for a good number of years. Barriers separating denominations are going to come down.

This confirmation has very deep meaning to me. It pulls together revelations I started receiving shortly after I was called out by name and born again in Jesus Christ on October 2, 2001. I now know with certainty where I am headed and where my focus needs to be, ministering to the churches and people of the Valley (and beyond). I, also, now realize there is more to my being involved with the Assemblies of God church than I originally realized. I was drawn to this Pentecostal church and became a member almost 3 years ago. As the time for the revival draws nearer, God is providing more revelation about it. Praise God!!

The puzzle pieces are now coming together and making more sense. So, I will begin with the first revelation the Holy Spirit spoke to me. On the night I surrendered to Jesus Christ, I had this strong sense of urgency. A sense that Jesus had something He wanted me to do. I earnestly prayed asking to know what this was and on October 27, 2001, the Holy Spirit spoke this assignment: Minister to (His) Children, focus on the young, for these "little ones" will become lights in the darkness, expose the work of Satan, focus on eternity, evangelistic in nature, far-reaching, five years.
When I first received this assignment, I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed thinking I am being called to teach Sunday School? I've done that. Anyway, I pursued the idea that I was to teach children. The very first time, I worked with a teacher on a Wednesday evening in mid-January of 2002. I came away knowing that this was not exactly what Jesus had in mind.

I went home confused and asked God this question: What do you want me to do first? The Holy Spirit spoke this response: "The churches of Le Sueur must be cleansed."
Whoa! Being young in the Lord, I immediately went into action and literally wrote letters to the churches of Le Sueur using the seven churches highlighted in Revelation as a focus. I wrote the letters, but did not know what I was suppose to do with them. I set them aside.

In February, the Holy Spirit nudged me to ask to "speak in tongues." I was raised Lutheran, speaking in tongues, oh my, no. My brother and his wife spoke in tongues. I was not afraid, but, did not understand why. I obeyed. About three weeks later, on March 5, I was Baptized with the Holy Spirit. It was about 5 a.m. and I got up to use the bathroom. Standing at the sink, the Holy Spirit said: speak in tongues. On my way back to bed, I felt words forming in my throat and I just started speaking them. I had just received the Gift of Diverse Tongues. Over the next three and one half hours, it was as if I had spoke in five or six different tongues/languages. I pray, speak and sing in tongues at will. Such comfort and joy! It brings me quickly into God's presence. This Gift seems to be the indicator that the other Gifts of the Spirit identified in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 are available to you. Their purpose is for ministry. Generally speaking, these gifts are given by the Holy Spirit, at His discretion, when He determines the need for them as you minister.

On, February, 19, 2002, I had my first dream with a spoken message.
Throughout the early morning hours I had this on-going dream that involved soul after soul after soul going through the process of becoming saved, repenting of their sins and accepting Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior. I woke up three times during the night. The first two times I was still in the midst of this same dream. The third time I woke up, the Holy Spirit spoke this message:
"It is time for the harvest of souls to begin"
Spells revival - the great end of days harvest of souls for Jesus Christ! Praise God!

The second dream with a spoken message was received on Sunday, March 3, 2002.
When I began to doze off, I started thinking about a young boy on the street. This boy appeared to be very sad and he was saying no one cares about me. I went over to him and started to talk with him. I told him about Jesus and how Jesus cares. As I continued talking to the boy, people and more people gathered around us. Then, I turned toward the crowd and told them to read 1 Corinthians 15:22.

It was about 2 a.m. that Sunday morning when my curiosity became so great that I turned on the light and looked up 1 Corinthians 15:22 in the Bible. It reads:
"For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." (KJV)
This summarizes my calling. Linking the end to the beginning. My nickname revgenlink stands for The Revelation Genesis Link.

Getting too long. I will complete this in part 2 tomorrow.


Link to Part 2: Spiritual Revival Is Coming To The Valley - Part 2 Conclusion

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