Thank You Jesus For Your Intervention

I did not totally understand how dangerous the situation was when I experienced a Hypoglycemic Episode in church two weeks ago.

It started as a glorious morning arriving at church a few minutes early and witnessing to a dear friend, who is 70 % blind and has severe problems with his immune system. He is so ready to receive a miracle healing. We were both uplifted through our conversation.

The praise and worship portion of the service was awesome and the sermon our interim pastor delivered was so good and I was taking it in. He was talking about Genesis chapter 3, and, if you know me at all, you know that I teach on the literal account of God's Creation and focus on chapters 1-11 of Genesis. So I was really hearing and enjoying his message.

Then, it started, I felt hot and clammy in an air conditioned sanctuary. And, I started to feel to a greater and greater extent that I was going to pass out. I have never passed out in my life. I thought maybe I am getting the flu. But, then, I don't get the flu. I understand and believe, making me able to speak, in the name of Jesus, and rebuke and cast out any germs, bacteria or viruses that are attempting to enter my body or take hold in my body.

So, the only thing I could come up with was the possibility that my blood sugar level had dropped to a very low level. By the end of the service, I was getting to the point where the sense I was going to pass out was becoming a greater reality. I had tried to talk with a friend about her difficult situation, but, it was becoming impossible to talk anymore. I started looking in my purse for anything sweet, but, only had sugarless hard candy and lozenges. I finally spoke up and my friend, Debby, immediately said she was going to go to the kitchen and find something for me. I soon followed her and she found a little orange juice, which I drank all that was left in the carton, and I took two popsicles from the freezer and ate them. I had to find someplace to sit and went out to the lobby area. I sat there with Debby for at least 30 minutes. The Assistant Pastor / Executive Administrator and her daughter and son-in-law along with Debby prayed over me. Finally, I drove home.

When I got home, I was not feeling very well, so, I tried to take a nap. The symptoms started up again, and I decided to check my blood sugar level. It was 30. I was shocked. I took it again, it was 31. It hit me that in church it had to have been even lower than 30. I was in a very dangerous situation where I could have slipped into a coma. At this point, I hurried out to my freezer and grabbed two ice cream sandwiches. I know from experience that my blood sugar level rises after eating an ice cream sandwich. And, I drank some more orange juice. Then, a little later, I ate some lunch. When I checked my blood sugar level later in the afternoon, it was up at about 184. It probably is not the best thing to do to have such an upward jolt in your blood sugar levels. Going from below 30 to 184.

When I shared the experience at our God Wants You Well Bible Study this past Monday, one of the participants, who has diabetes, but, has lost weight and is now controlling his problem through his diet. Anyway, he said, his doctor had told him that if your blood sugar level drops below 32, you are dead. On Wednesday morning this week, I stopped at the drug store to purchase some glucose sugar tablets to carry with me. There, I talked for a few minutes with the pharmacist, who is also a Christian, and he confirmed that the situation I had experienced was a dangerous place to be.

I had called out to Jesus for help in church and put myself in His hands, I was prayed over by Pastor Kim and others, and I called out again to Jesus for His help at home.

There is no one that can tell me Jesus did not intervene in this situation. He most certainly did. He carried me through this life threatening experience. He may, very well, have literally saved my life. Praise and thank you Jesus. I cannot say it too much or too often, thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus! All glory to God through Your Son, Jesus Christ! Amen.

Dorothy von Lehe

 Dorothy von Lehe
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Ah, Dorothy, I'm so grateful that Jesus intervened on your behalf. My, my! What a great testimony of our Lord's faithfulness. I'm glad that you shared it. I praise the Lord with you and rejoice that He was with you every moment and brought you through. :pray:

K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

Praise God! :dance:

Beth M (@blest)

Praise God! Yes, I always carry glucose tablets in my purse. I tend toward hypoglycemia though I am not all the way there! I have had to take emergency orange juice and food to customers on many many occasions. Someone once told me that milk is actually better than orange juice, but I do not know if that is true.

Praise God again! :dance: :pray:ze Him!