Unbelief Conquered: Restoration of Hip Takes Place

Both of my hips have been replaced. My right hip was replaced in the spring of 1990. I was considered on the young side, so the doctors were trying to delay surgery as long as they could. After walking with a cane for about five years, it was decided the time had come when it needed to be done. Pretty much, all of the cartilage was gone from this hip. I was 45 years old. This particular hip had a congenital defect. The socket bone was too thick for the ball thus causing greater wearing of the hip. Add to this a great amount of arthritis eating away at the cartilage.

After 20 years, about seven months ago, I started becoming more and more concerned about this replaced hip. It seemed to me to be failing. I cannot really adequately describe how the hip was acting, but it was hurting and bothering me a lot and my walking and mobility was increasingly becoming more difficult.

During the third weekend of July (2010) a family get together was held at a Christian Bible Camp in Northern Minnesota. The overseer of the camp offered a golf cart to me to drive around for the weekend, which saved much walking up and down the hillside and to and from the camp lodge. When I got home, my hip became very swollen. Over the next three days, I became more and more discouraged and thinking many negative things. I got out my cane because it was becoming so difficult for me to move around. I had told my husband before this that I thought my hip was failing and now this was taking place.

I have been involved in a variety of healing miracle experiences, a number of them I have shared through blogs here on CB. At present, I am in the process of offering and going through an 18 lesson study on God Wants You Well offered through Andrew Wommack Ministries here on CB. What I experienced next lines up so very well with what Andrew is addressing in lessons 11-13. My experience serves as a confirmation of what he is sharing in these lessons.

After about three days of being depressed and discouraged, hurting and unable to walk or move around very well, I just became determined. I had been involved in these healing experiences, but had not yet been successful at speaking to a particular part of my body and seeing healing manifest. I know I sure do have the belief, trust and faith for healing. So, basically I said to myself, I know, I believe, I have faith, and I refuse to go through another hip replacement surgery.

And, as Andrew has been sharing with us here in these lessons, my belief in what I have learned from Gods Word and my experiences, my trust in God and His Word triumphed over any unbelief (doubt, depressed and negative thinking, etc.) and I spoke boldly to my mountain.

I took the authority Jesus has given to believers in Him and spoke boldly and aggressively to the swelling around my hip and told the swelling it did not belong to me and to leave my body. I also spoke repair and restoration to my hip. All spoken in the Name of Jesus. I then sat down in my recliner and put my legs up.

The next time I rose from my chair, the swelling was gone and I could walk around SO much better. It has now been nearly three months and boy do I know that my hip has gone through some major restoration. No surgery in sight for me! Praise my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who atoned for my sin and took the stripes on His back for my healing. .

Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to younder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Andrew Wommack would tell you:
Don't speak to God about your problem (mountain-sickness, disease, infirmity).
Speak to your problem about God!

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Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Humm - I like this - "Don't speak to God about your problem (mountain-sickness, disease, infirmity).
Speak to your problem about God!" Gonna write it down and hang it on my computer as a constant reminder.



What an affirming message. May his blessings continue and the cane be just a memory. He is greater than all earthly things that trouble us.

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister Dorothy, I believe in divine healing and the power of authority given to us by God. Thanks for sharing this testimony, a sure sign of the simplicity and truth of the Bible. :studying:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Dominique Williams @dnique509 ·

This is really an amazing and encouraging message. It is something that I really needed to hear since I have been going through some issues as well. I am about to speak directly to problems now! Thank you so much for this!

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