Written In My Heart God's Assignment

Written In My Heart:  God’s Assignment (#10)

I have started to share the awesome work done by the Holy Spirit after I surrendered to God.  I now hear the Holy Spirit speak within me; most often by guiding my thoughts, but, at times by directly hearing Him speak within in a calm soft voice.

In this writing, I will testify to the ministry assignment given that first month, October 2001.

On the night when my spirit was regenerated, October 2, 2001, and I was "born again," I felt this sense of urgency as if there was something Jesus wanted me to do. I earnestly prayed to know what it was Jesus had prepared in advance for me to do.

The Holy Spirit spoke within me this revelation on Saturday (a Sabbath), October 27, 2001:
Minister to Children, Focus on the Young, These Little Ones Will Become Lights in the Darkness, Expose the Work of Satan, Focus on Eternity, Evangelistic in Nature, Far-Reaching,
Five Years.

I received three revelations I refer to as My Assignment, Mission and Commission, each given nine months apart (birthing time) and on a Sabbath (Saturday).

When the Holy Spirit speaks in His calm soft voice within me, it has always been in short phrases and sometimes just one word. I will share the second and third revelation in the order as to when I received them.

On Sunday afternoon, October 28th, 2001, the Holy Spirit spoke directions concerning the assignment.  This is what the Holy Spirit spoke in his “still small voice”: 
Lay the foundation, gather materials, write (don’t reinvent the wheel), recruit volunteers for the ministry, develop methods of ministry.

These assignment revelations remain always in my heart and mind as I have worked to serve our Lord.  I sought out and taught classes in Kids Church on God’s Account of Creation, reintroduced Vacation Bible School, started an evening Sunday School program for kids, ages 5 to 12, I named Kids Connection, and, I have been a leader in the Awana program for several years. All in the church I am a member of.

However, it wasn’t until two years ago that I believe the assignment Jesus had given to me became realized.  I have become heavily involved in building a children’s program in Pakistan. I was key to the building of the little Gariel Church in the Christian village of Raiwind near Lahore, Pakistan, and am active in providing materials for four Sunday School learning centers. I teach Sunday School lessons, over Skype, to a Sunday School class.  Now, I am working with the pastor of this church to establish a primary school on the second floor level of the church. As I continue to share testimony, I will be writing more about Gariel Church, the Gariel Sunday School Program, and the future Gariel Primary School.  I will share, in the future, where the name Gariel comes from.

After experiencing being “born again”, receiving a divine healing experience, and receiving an assignment from Jesus, at the end of October, the Holy Spirit spoke this phrase;

"This is but a prelude of what is to come."

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