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I am coming back to Christianblog to write and share personal testimony of the experiences I have had with Jesus Christ. We are all called to be witnesses for Jesus. This will be a lengthy series of writings that I am sharing with as many people as possible.  I have believed from the time I was born again in Jesus Christ, that I was to write and share this testimony.  The time has come to do so.  The Holy Spirit even gave me the name for these writings:.Written In My Heart. I will be posting a writing once a week.

During my childhood and youth, I was raised attending Sunday School and Church as a Lutheran. I do not know of a time in my life when I did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God. That He died in my place for my sins. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of all of mankind. I believed Jesus was resurrected from the dead and that He sits at the right hand of God. I have believed this from my childhood.

When I faithfully went through confirmation classes and I was about to be confirmed, my pastor asked this question: Do you receive Jesus as your Savior? I answered yes. But, did I really? I was not sure. Did I know what I was professing? Did I have a heart understanding of what this means? I actually had reservations about what I had answered “yes” to.

You know what a major stumbling block for me was. I loved to dance, but, believed it was wrong. I asked Pastor Carlson what made dancing a sin. His answer was he thought it was the closeness between two people when they dance. I was not willing to give up dancing. I loved to dance. Most often in high school, girls danced together. I have probably danced a slow dance with a man less than 10 times in my entire life. It is kind of silly to believe that dancing overall is a sin. Like many things, it is how you use dancing, your purpose for dancing. I still like to dance. I now move like I am dancing as I praise and worship our Lord Jesus.

2 Samuel 6:14 And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.

I wish to acknowledge and express a special thank you to my then pastor, Pastor Harvey Carlson. He was a faithful man of God, who was an excellent role model living his life as a humble servant of God. He played a very influential role in my life.

Since the time Pastor Carlson asked the question – Do you receive Jesus as your Savior? – and throughout my adult years, until the age of 56, I have had the sense that I was “not right” with God. I sensed, I was not in a right relationship with God.

Through the first part of my personal testimony, I am going to share when and how I came into a right relationship with God. I am going to share testimony of my experience concerning God’s steps in your becoming born again in Jesus Christ.

I will write and share personal testimony, once each week. Next week, I will share the first step I experienced in becoming born again in Jesus Christ titled “God Called Out My Name.”

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John B. Abela

Looking forward to your weekly sharing!


Dorothy my friend it is wonderful to see you back. I too look forward to your blog series.

John Knox

This has come in Gods time and we welcome you back and anticipate your blogs - may the Lord lead you as you write


Barbra Lambert

What a wonderful review of your personal testimony, Dorothy! I very much enjoyed reading this introduction.

Welcome back :flower:


I am excited to read your upcoming posts! Blessings!

Dorothy von Lehe

Amen. I, too, look forward to being active and sharing testimony of ChristianBlog. Praise God!


interesting will continue reading this..