Written In My Heart Jesus Healed My Physical Heart (9)

Written In My Heart: Jesus Healed My Physical Heart (#9)

After being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, one of the first phrases the Holy Spirit spoke to me was "put your house in order." He did not tell me I was going to die, but since early September I had the sense I was dying and this sense of death lingered over me.

I am ashamed of how I abused my physical body over the years by not taking care of myself and not being able to establish healthy eating and exercise habits. As I repented, early that Tuesday morning I wept for two and a half hours as I called out to God. On the third day after being born again, I made appointments with a family practitioner and the cardiologist who had cared for me at the time I had a stroke in February 2000.

On or about October 10, 2001, at around 12:30 a.m., as I was praying a healing miracle took place. It began with my experiencing an unusual sensation travel throughout my body. It is hard to describe. The best I can do is liken it to a thin laser-type ray that I could distinctly feel as it traveled throughout my body. It traveled in a synchronized way down both legs at once, out into both arms, up my torso and into my head. It kept traveling throughout my body, up and down, back and forth, for about twenty minutes. Afterwards, I simply fell asleep.

In the morning, I didn't feel any different. The usual arthritic aches and pains were still there. However, within three days this realization hit me; I was no longer experiencing extreme shortness of breath nor experiencing any tingly numbness in my arms.

I could provide scary examples of experiences with extreme shortness of breath. But, I will just state that this condition had become very alarming. I could not climb a flight of just a few steps without being extremely out of breath. The condition had been progressively growing worse and worse.

The tingly numbness in my arms was an often occurrence. One example: every time when I would get up to use the bathroom at night, I would get the tingly numbness in my lower arms and hands. Often it scared me so much that I was afraid to go back to sleep in fear that I would not wake up again. I was afraid that I would die from having a heart attack during the night. So, I would sit up and stay awake until the numbness subsided.

Many times over the course of the year prior to this miraculous healing I said to myself, "I would have died from a heart attack by now if it wasn't for the fact that I am taking a blood thinner."

For a period of several weeks after this experience, each night as I prayed I would feel this little somewhat sharp pain in the middle of my chest. I know it was the presence of Holy Spirit I was experiencing. But, I cannot help but wonder if He was in the process of completing the job of restoring my heart.

When I had my check up later in October and the nurse took my blood pressure; it was 110/70. Over the next two years, I had my blood pressure checked at least five times, and each time it was in this 110/70 range. Before this miraculous healing, my blood pressure for a good number of years was always at least 140/90. I do not remember when or if my blood pressure was ever in the range of 110/70.

As October progressed, the lingering sense of death lifted from me. It was replaced with a strong sense of life. Jesus had healed my physical heart. Praise and thank you Lord Jesus.

Perhaps, I will die before the Second Coming of Jesus, but this is not of much concern. Jesus has more than convinced me that eternity in the presence of God exists. Eternal life in the presence of God is available to all who truly believe in and follow our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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