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The Bible teaches about the single minded man and the double minded man. Is
The Bible teaches about the single minded man and the double minded man. Isn't that beautiful? The Bible has so many answers to questions that arise throughout life. The Bible takes man out of picture. The Bible plows up traditional views, religious views, and mans own ideals...thus the Bible yields, "What God says". So, what does the Bible teach about the "single minded and the double minded"?

James the brother of our Lord wrote about the double minded man declaring a double minded man to be "unstable" in all his ways. Being unstable is not a solid place to be in Christ. It causes man to doubt Christ and oftentime it allows the Adamic nature to be more than a conflict of struggle. The double minded man often forgets that the divine nature can overpower the carnal nature inherited from the Fall. Thus it gets turned around and oops your right back in sin again. No place for a child of God to be!

James 1:8...A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

After man trusts Christ and finds forgiveness and a clean heart... he hears nothing but we're always going to struggle, or we will never be perfect, or the old Adam is always going to cause the war in our members. These concepts are "drilled" into our minds and thinking but they are not victorious of triumphant pictures of victorius Christian living as the Bible teaches. They are man made concepts that cause a defeated life in the name of Christianity.

The Bible teaches deliverance from doublemindedness through Sanctification. Carnality and deception are the disease. Sanctification through the Baptism with the Holy ghost and fire is the cure. Why? How? Sanctification has nothing to do with the works of man. Sanctification is the work of the Spirit of God that "rids" man from inherited sin. Sanctification purges man from the conflicting nature than man inheritied from adam. The Old Adam Nature is what causes double mindedness. Get rid of Old nature thus your rid of the double mind. That's why James said cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts you double minded. The Word of God advocates the sanctifying power of heart purity from "all the dross" inherited from Adam. Justification deals with the sinner. Sanctification deals with the double minded.

James 4:8...Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

Heart purity changes the way you act and behave. Heart purity changes the way you think. If you heard this kind of preaching all the time you probably wouldn't beleive all the deception that's being taught in 2010. The mental process is changed when the Adamic nature is destroyed. After sanctifying power burns up the dross and takes over your mind, will, and intellect completely...No longer is the child of God double minded...He is thus single minded state.

Col 3:22...but in singleness of heart, fearing God:

Acts 2:46...And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart

His eyes and heart are strictly focused on a living Christ. He's filled with God's Spirit. He's empty of self. He is strictly dependant on Christ for all his needs. He is subject to Christ in the Throneroom without conflict or struggle. The Old man is crucified. He is a dead man walking in Christ. He is dead to the old nature, dead to the old way of life, dead to the old habits, dead to the old plans. He has new affections in the Throneroom for every need. He has the same attitude David had when David slew Goliath. Great Grace makes men single minded.

Acts 4:33...And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.

They think Christ. They remember Christ at Calvary. They know Christ NOW! They don't fall snare or give place to the Devil. They don't greive the Holy Spirit. They do not fail God! They don't leave the Grace of God. they mind the Spirit of Holiness. They trust Christ for every need of their life. They cast their cares on Christ as the problem solver and don't bear problems themselves. They don't listen to traditional teachings or do what Grandma and Granpa taught them that is contrary to scripture. They gravitate toward sound doctrine. They have power form above. They have a one track mind and singleness of heart... Christ! They have the mind of Christ! They are not double minded. No war with the flesh! The struggle is gone! No more inner conflict! They are single minded by the power of God. Nothing can pull them away. They are pure even as Christ is pure. They do God's will and not man's will. They mind God!

There are 3 types of man.

1. A sinner...lost
2. A double minded Christian...Justified and needs sanctified...unstable
3. A single minded Christian...Sanctified, renewed, and preserved in Christ. Steady. Immovable

Are you single minded or double minded. What does Christ want you to be? Which state of being offers God the best witness for Christ? Single minded...of course! A sober mind is necessary! A clean conscience is necessary. A one track mind is necessary. Now do you see why James preached against doublemindedness? You put bridle on a horse, you put a rudder on the ship, God's Spirit puts sanctification on the double minded man...then God has control of your heart, life, and mind. You can walk in the blessing of singlemindedness every day of your life in Christ. Glory! Take it and run. Hold on to it! Trust what God said in the Bible. Live it! Prove it! Enjoy it! It's joy unspeakable!

With Love.

Published: Aug 24 2010 12:04:23pm

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