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There are two types of sin taught in the Bible. One type of sin is a noun..
There are two types of sin taught in the Bible. One type of sin is a noun...the other type of sin is a verb. One type of sin be confessed the other type of sin, man must be delivered from. A distinction can be made between these both types of sin, in the following...

First, the act of sin is a violation against the law of God...which is an act of sin committed against God. This type of sin is an opposing act of rebellion...or what man does against the Law of God. For this type of sinful conduct every man is accountable to God for its many violations contained within these rebellious acts. The acts of sin can be forgiven by God. The acts of sin can be confessed by man and thus forgiven by God.

Secondly, sin is the depraved nature of man inherited from the fall of Adam...This propensity to sin is the make-up every human being. This type of sin is what man is from the heart by birth. A child is not accountable to God for the inherited depraved nature until this child comes to an age of accountability. Man is however; accountable for his actions and violations after the age of accountability. The sin nature cannot be confessed or forgiven by God because man inherited if from Adam. Therefore the only way to get rid of inherited sin is through sanctifcation by the Spirit of God.

Regarding an unsaved man...through "trust alone" in the death of Christ man can be forgiven from all his the Grace of God. Regarding a saved man through the work of the Holy Spirit's witness man can realize there is "more" of God's Blessing and be delivered from "self" by the same Grace that saved and forgave him. Realization of what man is (carnal by nature) and who Christ is can allow God to rid man from the inherited propensity to sin. Getting rid of inherited sin, "like salvation, is the complete work of the Grace of God in the life of the believer in Christ". Sanctification from the Old Adam can only be performed by the Grace of God. The reason is, "The Adamic nature cannot be confessed or forgiven"..."It can only be destroyed!" How? By the purifying work of the Holy Spirit's baptism. This baptism does not deal with the "acts of sin" that can be confessed. It deals with the inherited sinful nature that cannot be confessed. This purifying work takes place "after" the new birth.

For this reason the Bible teaches about two types of sin! For this reason Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit show man how to be delivered from both types of sin! For this reason God called this writer by His Gospel and made him an able minister to preach this truth! For this reason I write at CB! May the Lord bless you richly with the power of His Divine Grace that keeps the Holy Spirit present in our lives!

Published: Sep 16 2010 11:24:36am

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