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Recently someone blogged about shame. There are many people in churches eve
Recently someone blogged about shame. There are many people in churches everywhere who feel shame and who are struggling over their feelings of unworthiness. This is a response based on a story found in Second Samuel. Please read Chapter 9, verses 1 to 13.

After David had ascended to the throne of Israel, he wanted to honour the memory of his best friend, Jonathan. He asked if there was anyone left of Saul's lineage that he could show kindness to and was told that there was one left, Jonathan's son who had crippled feet and was living in poverty in another town. David immediately had this man brought to him, and he lifted him up, gave him Saul's land and made him welcome at his table.

Mephibosheth literally means puff of shame, or dispeller of shame or idols. He had been brought up by a man called Machir (Salesman) in the town of Lo-debar (No pasture).

So here we have a man who could have been the heir to the throne, living at the kindness of salesman in the town of no supply. He couldn't walk, couldn't work, couldn't contribute. How his name must have tormented him, he was the dispeller of shame living a life of shame.

But David sought him out, brought him into the King's house, gave him ample supply and made him to sit at the table of the King for dinner every day. Here we have a picture of God's love for us and his lifting us up out of our shame.

God sought you out, "Is there someone I can bless? Yes, I want to bless this one." God has brought you into his house, even into His family, He has given us power to become the sons of God. He has provided for you at His own table with Jesus' sacrifice. He has prepared you a table in the midst of your enemies. God has given you everything you need that pertains to life and godliness.

How should we deal with shame? Look to the mercy and the love and the grace of God. He has lifted each one of us up, he has brought us to a place of honour, he has included us in His family and made us kings and priests and SONS!

Mephibosheth responded to David, "Why should you do this for me, I'm just a dead dog with no right to anything!" Wow - what shamefulness, huh. There is no recorded answer from David except that he did what he said he was going to do, not only giving Mephibosheth lands and houses but servants as well. On top of that Mephibosheth was to dine with the king at the king's table in the kings home every day. Every day Mephibosheth was reminded that he was being honoured, he was being lifted up and that he was never to worry about supply again, never to worry about position again. He was lifted to a place of great honour.

This is a picture of God's dealings with us. When we were nothing but a dead dog, dead in our trespasses and sins, He lifted us, made us a part of His family, gave us Jesus' righteousness, and everything we needed and loved us as no other could. Each one of us has been where Mephibosheth was: lost lonely, crippled in that we could not work out salvation for ourselves.

We were livning in a place of spiritual poverty when Jesus lifted us. He sought us out, He brought us in. He gave us supply and honour. He SAVED us! What a lifting of shame, what a lifting to honour. What a great God our Lord Jesus is, how He loves us, how He treats us with favour, how He brings all good things into our lives!

God's GRACE! God's MERCY! God's LOVE! These mighty things have overcome our shame, washed away our guilt and brought us into a place of honour, accept it, allow it to wash you and cleanse you of feelings of shame and love Him, praise Him, serve Him!

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Published: Jan 16 2007 01:50:18pm

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Sandy Brooks (@poodlelady)

Hi Ronau
I wanted to let you know this has really spoken to my heart -so much so I'd like to print it to have for a personal reminder. I would like your permission to make a personal copy.
Love in Christ

Ron Simms (@ronau)

Hi PoodleLady, Thank you so much for your kind words, it is a great pleasure for me to be of service to you. You are most welcome to make a copy. Blessya - Ronnau

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