A Video Shows Evolution is not True!

Kindly find an URL link to Youtube on a great sermon by Dr Kent Hovind on the incredulity of evolution. The Evolution Hypothesis is the main killer of Christians' lives. According to Dr Hovind, 75% kids of Christian families drop their faith after one year schooling because of the teaching of evolution hypothesis. Kindly forward the URL to as much kids as possible to Christian familes to fence off the attack on GOD's people.

Some of the salient points:

a) there is blood inside bones of dinosaurs, could it be the dinosaurs diedmillions years ago?

b) the sedimentary rocks of Grand Canyon is around 6500 - 8000 ft high, how come the around 2000 ft high river nearby flow water to there and cause the sedimentary rock, possible reason: the sedimentary rockswas caused by Noah time flood.

c) C14 should be in equilibrium for the formation of new one from rays of Sun and disappearance due to decay half life: (in around 30000 years). If the world is with 4.6 billion years, why do we find that the level of C14 is still not in the state of equilibrium.

Pray for our kidsnot to be fooled by the evolution hypothesis.

In Christ love,


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