GOD is Holy. Christians need to be holy.

GOD is Holy. So, Christians should try our best to be holy. Though we know that we will never be able to be holy because we are sinners, we are all sinners, we should have this intention to do so in our mind. We know that GOD is love, even if we tumble, GOD's blood could cureda our dirty and stenchy clothes. However, we should also be mindful that we should not abuse GOD's grace, we should try our best to be holy.

The following is my testimony to fight the salacious traps in the secular world with GOD's grace.

Because of the easy accessible obscene videos, photos, games, jokes, movies in all kinds of medias such as TV, newspaper, books, magazines, PCs, songs on the radios, Whatsapps, social circle,... I was a completely defeated slave of Satanic yoke. Before my salvation, nearly every week, I would have watched pornographes, blue films (even go to those very depraved places to buy those banned unclassified type blue films to watch), sure you know, because of watching all these, I would have desecrated my body when I was watching all these. I was such a depraved, debauchery, filthy, lustful, stenchy and vile wretch and rut!!!

Though, in my life, I had plenty of times made up my mind to abstainfrom doing all these because my conscience told me that all these were not good thing. If other people know it, they will look down on me, estrange me, ridicule me behind. However, I just could not help, after a short while, at most 2 - 3 weeks, I was fallen into the same snare again. I was totally helpless and frail to sin.

However, GOD is Almighty. GOD is Holy. GOD is kindness. After my epiphany on 3 May 2013 that I know GOD exist, GOD love me, GOD is Almighty, miracle started to happen. I have never even once watching photos or videos with women in nudity or even more offensive stance. I have never even once desecrated my body, the Temple of GOD.

Would like to share the method to fight this as I know that we are weak. Without GOD's grace, nobody could overcome Satan.

Two places that I tumbled again and again were in front of the PC and in the bathroom. When we are in front of the PC, even we do not lustfulwatching any obscene thing, there are plenty of them putting on the left or the right of the screen. Some of them even blatantly pop up to our PC and force usto watch. These are usually not so offensive, usually, it is just a pretty looking face promoting cosmetics, or a beautiful girl wearing bikini selling sunlight cream, or a attractive woman looking at you with an enticing eyes and smile promoting a sensuous film... ... ..

The second place is the bathroom. This is because in the bathroom, we are naked. If it is very easy and enticing for us to desecrate our body.

In order to fight these two most dangerous situations, I play hymns at the same time when I am in front of the PC and I play hymns at the same time when I am taking my bath. GOD's words are power. GOD's words are promise. What a Almighty GOD!

Hope my sharing could be a blessing to you.

GOD is Almighty. By HIS grace, we could overcome any sin and any licentious thinking. However, we must be in HIM. No one could win Satan without GOD's grace.

GOD is Holy and Sacred. Let's submit our sacrifice to GOD without any blemish (Though without GOD's grace, once again, it is impossible). Pray for GOD's grace to all of us.

In Christ love,


Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·


Thank you for your honest sharing and I believe the sentence you wrote in bold below says it all.

[B]GOD is Almighty. By HIS grace, we could overcome any sin and any licentious thinking. However, we must be in HIM. No one could win Satan without GOD's grace.[B]

In Him,

Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Dear Les,

Thanks for your encouraging comment. May GOD's grace with both of us, emancipated slaves by HIS grace and power from Satan.

In Christ love,



Billy Beard @billyb ·

Simple truth is that we are 'slaves', to sin and self, or to Jesus Christ. We will serve the One we love most.

Many don't like that truth, but it is told us from Gods word. Glad that the music helps. But also, when tempted, ask ourselves, Who we love, and serve. It can not be both.

Thanks for sharing brother. God bless you. In Christ, and, amen.

Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Thanks Billy, Thanks for your sharing. Yes. We should know who we be slave. Be slave of Jesus Christ who is love, grace, mercy, kindness. Or be slave of Satan who is atrocious, wicked, vile, relentless.

Let all of us determined to serve GOD.

In Christ love, Amen!

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Good sharing, thank you. I also think that for any house - especially with children - it is good for computers, mobile phones, etc. to live in a public place, for obvious reasons.

Lust is bad because it hurts people, this is the opposite of love. Recently I watched a man in his sixties sitting beside his wife talking about a beautiful actress. He just kept on talking, his wife did not say anything but just sat there looking hurt and sad, although she concealed it as well as she could. She was HURT because she gave him her life when [i]she[/i] was young and beautiful and free, she raised his children and cooked his food and ironed his shirts and made his bed for forty years ... and now he rewards her by sitting there talking about a pretty twenty-year-old and how this girl is supposed to be a lovely person as well as very beautiful! That girl never did anything for him: but what about the lovely person next to him who laughs at his bad jokes and washes his socks? :mrgreen: I know he appreciates his wife a lot, but looking at pictures of pretty girls had confused him into talking nonsense :stars:

Now, all this is not to say women are perfect and men are horrible. That would be ridiculous! Women just have different ways of being hurtful and doing wrong. We all have to forgive because we all get it wrong.

To sum it up maybe I should say this: I once read that as Christians we should not do anything, say anything, think anything, that we would not like to have printed on the front of a newspaper. That is a [i]very[/i] easy thing to say, but in our own strength it would be IMPOSSIBLE! I know because I really, really tried to be good and nice and kind for a long time, without truly praying to God for his help and admitting I was a sinner and putting my faith in him. These efforts of my own were a big waste of time. Only God is strong enough to defeat Satan - Raymond, you are absolutely right and chose a good way to put it.

So blessed, then, are we to be able to say these wonderful words: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ... we certainly don't deserve it! And we certainly do need it. God's grace is truly amazing.
Yes, for sure, we fail at times and definitely do lots of things we would be ashamed to have our mothers or colleagues or members of our church read in the news. But with God's help, we will succeed against satan.

Pray that God would give us wisdom to learn, and determination to serve him.

God bless,


Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Sarah, Yes. As a husband, we should love our wife even to give up our life just like our LORD who died for HIS brides on the cross. Pray for GOD's love be imbued into our hearts as a husband and give us wisdom to love our wife adamantly, no matter is sickness, poverty, death. Thanks for your sharing. In Christ, Amen!

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