Having Amino Acids, What's Next?

Previous blog mentioned about Stanley Miller's experiment of producing amino acids, the incredulities of the atmosphere similar to the gas mixture used by Stanley. However, even with amino acids, this is still very very far from having life.

As we all know, the code of life is not with amino acids but with DNA and RNA. Amino acids cannot create new amino acids, new amino acids is created from the code of DNA. The code of DNA creates the RNA in turn creates theamino acids. Beside the necessity of DNA to life to replicate from one generation to next generation,(Though some simple virus is without DNA but with RNA only) for DNA to produce new protein, we need factors (key to open and close the DNA) to activate the relevant DNA for the production of RNA and protein. In other words, there is a circular logic here. DNA need factors (protein) to open and close it. On the other hand, protein need DNA code to be produced. Then, these two things have to exist at the same time to render life possible to function. However, in Stanley Miller's experiment, only amino acids were produced, not protein, not even to mention DNA. Furthermore, in Stanley Miller's experiment, a huge amount of tar was also produced, tar is toxic and carcinogenic. The tar will destroy the DNA even if there is DNA exist at the same time.

Furthermore, even if we have DNA and protein at the same time, life is still far from possible. A dead rat also has all the DNA, RNA, and protein necessary for life. Why then the rat is dead? As mentioned by the honorable scientist, Louis Pasteur, who is also a Christian, life could only come from life. This is also the reason why we could not find a pig jump out of a canned food of pork when we open the can. I believe there have beenmillions of billions of canned food produced since civilization. However, we never stunned by a fish jumpingout of a canned sardine when we open the can. If long enough time and huge in numbercould produce life, we should see that because of the huge amount of canned food prepared by human beings in history.

GOD is the Creator. HE create the Earth. HE also create life including human beings.

In Christ,


Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

A minor amendment, instead of amino acids created with the code of DNA, it is the protein created with the code of DNA. sorry for the amendment.

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