Irrational Miracles in the Old Testament?

A lot of modern theologists teach the Bible in such a way to remove all the miracles recorded in the Bible. Some of them, even to such anextent, disparage that those miracles recorded in the Bible werejust myth or fairy tale, erring because of orally hand down generation aftergeneration, As a result, there were a lot of errors, exaggerations or evenconcocts. However, for me, all these are truth. All these are Words of GOD. GOD never lie because GOD is a faithful GOD. GOD is the most faithful Deity. The followings are some of the miracles that could be understood rationally, (I do not mean all miracles could be understood rationally, some of them are really supernatural and out of the rim of very limited, as compared with GOD, intelligence of human beings):

a) The splitting of the Red Sea

A lot of people could not believe in Red Sea be split, especially they saw thetwo water walls on two sides and then Israelites walked through the Red Sea safely. Then, the Eygptians and their chariots followed and were drowned by the collapsing two water walls when GOD stopped this miracle. The scene in the film recording this miracle is totally groundless and causes a lot of doubts to the watchers. And, a lot of Christians have to accept that this hadbeen the case and that was what happened.

In fact, the case was not like that. The Red Sea during that time had could be regarded as three parts: a medium size lake-like part in the north, then, a narrow and not so deep strait in the middle (but, it was still deadly and deep enough to drown any one want to cross without knowning how to swim), then, a big part in the south. Remember, the Bible recorded that when Moses rose his staff, a strong eastwind was blown, the strong east wind pushed the water of the medium size lake-likenorth part and may also the water of the big south part of the Red Sea to the west. As a result, the middle straitwater was drained to the north and the south part of the Red Sea. Then, dried land of the strait part was hence formed for the Israelites to cross. However, after they have crossed, the Eygptian horsemen and chariots followed to get onto the dried land of the strait of Red Sea, the strong east wind stopped, the pushed water returned to the original position and flushed to the strait part of the Red Sea and killed all the Eygptians. This is very rational, though, this was still a miracle because the timing of the strong east wind was perfect. The strong east wind started when Moses raised his staff and stopped when all the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. If the strong east wind stopped too early, some of the Israelites might be drowned. If the strong east wind stopped too late, the Egyptians would successfully cross the Red Sea and would kill all the Israelites. What a miracle of the Almighty GOD!

b) The Ten Plagues Against Egypt

Water turned into blood, frogs swamped Egypt, gnats inflicted Egypt, flies rampaged Egypt, livestock epidemy happened, sores and boilsepidemy occurred, hailstorms, locust ate all the crops, darkness for three days, and death of all the first-borns of Egypt. Some of these ten plagues were really supernatural. GOD is Almighty. Allsupernatural things could happen and out of our rationality. However, some of them were fathomable with our rational mind. But, would like to point out that these aremy deduction, some deviations are possible compared withthe facts happened during that time.

During the visit of Moses to Eygpt to demand Israelites be released, there was volcano activities around the region. The first plague was because the volcano eruption causeda lot of minerals and poisonous dusts get into the water of Egypt. As a result, either the minerals and dusts are red in color, or, these minerals besteaded a lot of red in color, or poisonous, algae multipled drastically. As a result, the water turned into blood-like. After the minerals get into the water, a lot of food was available for the creaturesthere, one of them werethe frogs. As a result, this caused the frogplague. As the same time, because of the detrioration of the environment, a lot of insects flourished including the gnats, this was the gnats plague. After a while, the exploded number of creatures, includng the frogs, died. This provided the food for the maggots. As a result, there came the flies plague. Because of a lot of insects, especially the gnats, which were blood-sucking. The gnats transmitted a lot of infectious diseases to the livestocks of Egypt. This caused the livestocks to die. This gnats also transmitted a lot of infectious diseases to the Egyptians, this caused the sores and boils of Egyptians. Because of the rich minerals, the plants also grew quickly momentarily. This caused the explosion of the population of the locusts.Later, the plant growth and expansion could not continue, then,the locusts came out to eat all the crops. However, for the hailstorm, the darkness and killing of the first-borns of Egypt, I could not imagine how this happen. But, miracles are some time supernatural and we have to humbly acceptthis aremiracles. GOD is Almighty and the Creator of this world! GOD is the Highest! We are just dusts and soils and could not fathom all HIS deeds.

The amazing part of these series of miracles was the perfect timing. This is really miraculous.

Praise the Lord for HIS Almightiness. In the Bible, GOD wilfully told us that HE did these miracles in order to let people know that HE is Yahweh.

As Christians, we are lucky because we are the sons and daughters of the Almighty Creator. What else should we afraid of? What else could take away the love of GOD fromus?

As mentioned by Paul, NO. We are for sure getting the eternal life and love of GOD if we study GOD's precepts and walk in them. Love GOD and love our neighbours.

GOD bless you. We are for sure getting into New Jerusalem if we fight this spiritual war for GOD valiantly.

In Christ love.


Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Praise the Lord! :dance:

Very interesting blog. I must remember to show this to my boy; he was asking me a lot of questions about the plagues a few days ago!

And speaking of miracles, I was reading about the miracles in your life in a blog comment you made, too. I nearly cried about Psalm 103, with happiness. It's very true:

"He keeps me from the grave
and blesses me with love and mercy."

May God richly bless you and your family with love and mercy!


Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for your encouraging and kind words. GOD bestow a lot of angels on this Earth. Believe that you are one. Whenever I read your comments about various blogs of the bloggers, a lot of blessings, encouragement, kindness, grace, and prayers. Thanks. Thanks for a beautiful GOD's angel. I do not know how you look like, but, from your words, I know that you are very beautiful: a very beautiful mind.

Intercede to GOD for you that you are a member of the Church of Philadelphia mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Philadelphia is the church commended by the Lord because of their faith and faithfulness to the Lord. Their names are recorded in the Book of Life and they are exempted from all the tribulation during the end time.

In Christ name,



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