Response to the Pope's Support of the Big Bang

This is a common belief that the universe comes from the Big Bang around 13 - 15 billion years ago. This is so adamant to such extent similar to the common belief before 17th Century that the Earth is flat and square with a round sky covering it. However, eventually, the Sky Round Earth Square espouse of the world was refuted by Galileo in 1615. During that time, it is not the Protestant who persecuted Galileo saying that he was a heresy. Eventually, the world realized that Galileo was right and the religious authority was wrong.

This also led to the brewing of The Act of Enlightenment. Eventually, a lot of people started to think in the secular way and thought that there had been no creation. However, would like to point out. In fact, this is not the case. The three cornerstone scholars of physics and astronomy in early years of refuting Earth Square Sky Round Theory: Galilieo, Kepler and Newton; all are the followers of Yahweh. All are very pious servants of GOD, Elohim.

What they espoused were not removing GOD from people's mind but were advocating the scientific way to look at the world according to the Bible.

Back to today's topic. Currently, nearly the whole world believe that the universe comes from the Big Bang. Even some Christian scientists tell us so. This is also known as scientific creationism.

However, would like to point out the incredulity of the Big Bang Theory of the Universe. In fact, the universe is created by GOD.

According to the Big Bang Theory, there was an explosion around 13 - 15 billion years ago and expanded into our current universe. It is still expanding and it is expanding in an accelerating way. They postulate this based on the red shift phenomenon. However, the red shift phenomenon is a phenomenon that shows the doppler effect about the expansion of the universe.

However, there is a very difficult question for the secular scientists to support this Big Bang Theory. This is because the gravitational force is not a very strong force. In fact, it is the weakest of all the four forces of nature: strong, electromagnetic, weak, then, gravitation.

As a result, per their model, the required mass of the universe to bind the universe without expanding too fast and become vanity in a very short time, by the gravitational force, is 25x the current known mass of substance of the universe (which is around 10 to the power 53 kilograms per some estimation).

As a result, the secular scientists postulate that there are substance and energy known as dark matter and dark energy in the universe in order to make up the small gravitational force of the known mass to make the Big Bang Theory of the Universe intact. The first postulation of this thinking was in the 1930s. An even more ridiculous postulate is that as mentioned, 95% of the matter of the universe are dark matter and dark energy.

As a result, it is impossible that the Earth or other stars will not collide with these dark matter and dark energy for a very long time. As a result, the secular scientists further postulate that the dark matter and dark energy will pass through us and will not collide and kill us.

So, in fact, according to their estimation of amount of dark matter and dark energy, nearly every day, there are dark matter and dark energy pass through the Earth and our bodies. However, up to now, not even a trace of dark matter or dark enery was found though experiment, laboratories worked on this for decades with millions of dollars and by thousands of top talents in the world. However, they say that the dark matter and dark energy account for 95% of the mass of the universe.

Even more implausible is that though the dark matter and dark energy make up the necessary 95% of the mass to render enough gravitatonal force to hold the universe without expanding too fast. We will not collide with the dark matter and dark energy, these things will just pass through us like X-ray or Gamma-ray. Even more unbelievable is that all we know if we are exposed to X-ray or Gamma-ray which pass through our body, we will die, say by the ray's high power energy directly or by induced cancer. However, these dark matter and dark energy will not hurt us.

Furthermore, these dark matter and dark energy make up the mass necessary to hold the universe by gravitational force. However, these things could pass through us without gravitational impact on us: collision. Do you think all these seem reasonable?

In fact, the more plausible reason of the existence of the world and the universe is GOD create this.

Last week, have a short chat with a spiritual brother, part of the conversation is on the incredulity of the Nebular Hypothesis which is an extension or deduction from the Big Bang Theory. Nebular Hypothesis is the theory to espouse that the Solar System is a mass of whirling gas and matter and eventually become the current Sun, Earth and other planets. Under the Nebular Hypothesis, the supporters of the Nebular Hypothesis espouse that the Earth has the history of 4.5 billion years.

Kindly find some of the facts that hint otherwise:

a) The mass of the Sun is around 99% of the mass of the whole Solar System. However, the angular momentum of the Sun is just around 2% of the whole Solar System. This is impossible according to conservation of angular momentum.

b) The saltiness of the ocean of the world is 3.6% and it is still getting more and more salty. However, the volume of the Earth is around 1 trillion km3 whereas there is only 1.3 billion km3 of water, i.e. 1:0.13%, if the Earth is with life 4.5 billion years, the ocean should be saturated with minerals long ago.

c) The Earth rotation speed is slowing at the rate of 0.000015 seconds per year. In other words, the Earth will be rotating at such a speed that one day will only be around 6 hours or four times faster. If this is the case, this will be a catastrophe to the life on the Earth. Even somebody may argue that life form start per evoluntionist at around 3.6 billion years ago, however, the rotation speed is still with one day with only be 9 hours. This will still be catastrophic to life on the Earth such as the super wind, totally different magnetic field magnitude,different stratum of atmospheric gases near the surface of the Earth.

d) The Moon is flying away from the Earth at the rate of 3.8 cm per year. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 384000 km. In other words, the distance of the Moon from the Earth if the Earth 4.5billion years ago will be 213000 km. According to the Gravity Law of Newton, the Force of Gravity of the Moon will be 3.24 times. According to Kelper's Third Law, one month will only have 40% of the current time. This in turn will also affect the whole eco-system of the Earth. Life is very fragile, could life exist with such a totally different set of eco-parameters is a question that we need to think about seriously.

e) According to Nebular Hypothesis, the Earth is a very hot sphere but cool down later. If this is the case, we should not see the Polonium 218 Halos in the granite. This is because Polonium 218 have half life onlya few minutes. Its decay caused the granite with halos. We discover a lot of these halos in the granites. If the Earth initially is so hot and then cool down, all these Polonium 218 Halos will be destroyed by the heat. As a result, this proof that the Earth is initially cool instead of very hot as proposed by Nebular Hypothesis.

f) If the Solar System is from a whirling mass of gas and matters, the matter is more concentrated near the centre of the whirl. As a result, the planet should be bigger for the one nearer to the Sun and then smaller for the one further from the Sun. However, Mercury is the planet nearest to the Sun but with a diameter around 4700 km only. The Earth is the third nearest to the Sun but with a diameter around 12600 km. The Jupiter is the fifth nearest to the Sun but with a diameter around 142000 km.

g) C14, a radioactive isotope of carbon is formed by the strong power rays from the Sun. However, C14 will decay into nitrogen with a half life of around 5700 years. On one hand, the Sun rays will create new C14 whereas decay of C14 will reduce C14 concentration. So, there will be an equilibrium eventually, the addition of C14 equal to decay C14. According to calculation, it should be around 30000 years. However, we still see the C14 in the atmosphere is increasing, as a result, it seems that the age of the Earth is shorter than 30000 years instead of 4.5 billion years.

GOD create the world and the Earth has just a few thousand years old.

Kindly find a further discussion on incredulity of the Nebular Hypothesis. About the hypothesis that the Solar System came from a whirling mass of gas:

If Solar System is from a whirling mass of gas and dust, four phenomena we should see:

a) the composition of the Sun, the planets and satellites should be very similar: FACT: Sun is with over 90% hydrogen and helium, Earth is with less than 3% hydrogen and helium.

b) the rotating direction of all planets should be the same: FACT: no, not all planets rotate in the same direction. Venus and Uranus are not rotating in the same direction as other planets.

c) all the satellites of the planets should go round the planets in the same direction: FACT: no, Jupiter's satellites are not all going round Jupiter in the same direction.

d) The whole mass of the Earth should spin in the same direction: FACT: no, according to research, the inner core of the earth spins eastward, whereas the outer molten core spin westward, and the crust spins eastward.

We could see how frail is the current scientific explanation of the formation of Solar System from a whirling mass of gas and dust. The higher possibility is GOD created the Solar System.

According to research, the sun shrinks by 1/1000 every 100 years. If this is the case, around 20-30 million years ago, the size of the sun will be so big that the earth was directly scorched by the flame of the sun. However, according to the research proposed, the age of the Solar System was much more than that at the magnitude of billions of years. How come the lives on earth and water in the sea when the earth was scorched by the sun at 6000 degree celsius.

We could see how frail is the current scientific explanation of the formation of the Solar System.

The higher possibility is GOD created the Solar System.

Pray for all people see the Creator, GOD.

In Christ name.


Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·


Thank you for the time you put into this blog. If I remember from long ago (might be a higher number now). The likely hood the Big bang Theory (a postulation not a proof), is 10 to the 72 power.

All the astronomical, astrophysics, and objects of two mass occupying the same space unless of the electromagnetic spectrum is not possible (you noted X-Rays & Gamma Rays lead to cellular disruptions becoming aberrant carcinoma's). Cosmic Rays have been removed from the electromagnetic spectrum as with sub-atomic particles like neutrinos pass through our bodies daily with no harm. God is watching over us!

Fact is there is order to the universe, God created it and holds it together. The probability of the theory of God creating, easy call to me! Also waiting on a proof of the String Theory.

All should Google laminin to see what holds their very essence together at the molecular level.

A picture is worth a 1000 words!

Thanks in Him,

Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Dear Les, Thanks for your additional points. Thanks. In Christ love, Amen! Raymond

Billy Beard @billyb ·

It seems most have gotten too intellectual to believe God created, and told us the time involved, and the order, in Genesis. And God further confirmed in Exod.20:11.

I know it insults their intelligence, but personally I believe God is right exactly as He gave it. It just requires "faith" to accept. But most put their faith in man's endless theories about the subject.

When man says they speak for, and represent Christ, and do not, things are not gonna go well.

God created. And created exactly how He said, timewise and all. God bless brother.

Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Dear Billy,

Thanks for your sharings. Yes. Your sharings also make me recall the following verses about the atheistic view of the world :

Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

GOD bless.

In Christ love,



Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Great blog. Thanks for all your scientific facts against popular theory. Very interesting. - Fig

Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Dear Fig, Thanks for your kind words. In Christ love, Amen! Raymond

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Hi Raymond, I was glad to read from you again! :coffee:

"Do you think all these seem reasonable?"

Well ... no! As you rightly point out, when we are exposed to any other kind of rays, radiation, etc., the effects are harmful! And the shrinking sun ... I would be curious to hear any counter-argument to your point. As you rightly point out, there are many holes in the popular theories which are often taught as fact and in a way which ignores Bible teachings and fails to glorify God as our Creator.

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it;
for he founded it on the seas
and established it on the waters." (Ps 24)

Scientists can only suppose at the methods God used to create the universe. Your verse from Romans is very appropriate as is Romans 11:34, an idea we also hear in Isaiah, Job, 1 Corinthians for example... "Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counsellor?"

Thank you for a good lesson. :teach:

God bless you and your family!


Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for your kind and encouraging words.

GOD bless all the Christians and gentiles in this end time.

In Christ name.



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