The Earth's Water from Meteors?

Mentioned previously about the incredulity of the Nebular Hypothesis that the Earth was from a whirling mass of gas and dust. One extension of the Nebular Hypothesis of the extension to explain the existence of water is even more incredulous. As mentioned, according to the Nebular Hypothesis, the Earth's surface was originally very hot and then cool down. Then, one version of the extension of the Nebular Hypothesis further explained the existence of water on the surface of the Earth was because of meteors rich with water hitting the Earth. We would like to discuss twoincredulities of this claim:

a) There are 1.3 billion km3 water in the Earth. However, just a meteor of the size of a few kilometers could cause extinction to the Earth and catastrophes to the life on the Earth. In other words, in order to let the Earth to have water from the meteors without causing extinctionhas to limit the size of the meteors to a rather small size say 2 km diameter (In fact, this is already very damaging). In other words, these small meteorshavethe volume of 33 km3 each. In other words, there will be 40 million meteors withsuch kind of water-rich but with a smallsize to hit the Earth to give the 1.3 billion km3 of water. With the history as proposed by the Nebular Hypothesis supporters that the Earth has 4.5 billion years old, every 33 years, we will see a meteor rich with water and such size to hit the Earth. According to the Bible, human civilizationhas the age of 4600 years after Noah. We should see such kind of meteors hitting the Earth for 140 times!!! No to mention the Nebular Hypothesis version of human civilization history.

b) Hydrogen exists in three isotopes, beside H[1], there are H[2] and H{3].The hydrogen istopes of the meteors hitting the Earth is with a ratio totally different from the hydrogen isotopes of the water on the Earth.

As a result, the extension of the Nebular Hypothesis to explain the existence of water in the world is totally a speculation and it is uncredulible.

In Christ name.


Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Sorry for an error,

...every 33 years..., should read ...every 112 years...


4600 years after Noah, ..140 times.. should read ... 41 times...

Sorry for the error.

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