The Last Chance before GOD's Wrath

In Book of Revelation Chapter 16, there mentioned about the seven vials or bowls of wrath of GOD. These are terrible judgements on the world against Satan and its followers. The wrath of GODcould exhibit how important to be steadfast on the side of GOD so that we could avoid the calamity. This is because by the time the wrath is poured down. All the GOD's followers may probably beeither raptured or slain. GOD has not mercy and grace anymore as there is no GOD's people.

However, GOD is a merciful and patient LORD. HE has already given plenty and plenty of chances for all people in this world before HIS patience expired. The vialsalso showGOD's righteousness. This is because of all the sons and daughters martyredfor thousands of years inthe world,GOD hasto give them a fair avenge, GOD is love. GOD is the greatest love. But, GOD is also righteous and faithful. HE haspromised in the Fifth Seal in Revelation, Psalms 37, Psalms 103... that HE will exercise justice for HIS sons and daughtersbeing killed for HIS sake.

Because GOD is mercy. GOD is graceful. GOD still give a last chance for people to repent and follow HIM before the vials. This chance may beafter the rapture. The rapturemay probablyhappen at the beginning of the Seventh Trumpet. However, the price for grabbing the last chance is martyrdom. If thoseare not raptured and left on the earth after the Seventh Trumpet is blown, theymay have to martyr to get the eternal life.

This is not because GOD is not kind or not merciful. If theyare not rapture, this is because theymaynot be true Christians yet. When this last chance is given, all people should have seen GOD's glory, power and mercy. For instance, nearly all the prophesies of the Bible have been fulfilled, only very limited are not. The resurrection and rise to the heavenof the two witnesses in front of the world: a miracle just smaller thanthe resurrection of Jesus Christ,our LORD.If they still take side with Satan, they are really the obstinately insurgent men.

Even though those who left behind are so die-hard, GOD still give the last chance. GOD is love, the greatest love. GOD is mercy. GOD is kindness.This last chance is mentioned in Chapter 13 of Revelation. This is the choice of whether taking the mark of the beast:666. If theytake the mark of the beast, Chapter 14 tell themthat theyhave no part in the Heaven anymore. However, if theyinsist not to take the mark of the beast, theywill have eternal life with GOD. However, not taking the mark of the beast have to pay a small price: their carnal life, in order to get their precious gift: eternal life.

This is because in Chapter 13 mentioned that ALL (NIV) and AS MANY AS (KJV) who do not take the mark of the beast will be killed.

If theyare not rapture, theymay have to courageously resist the principalities of the godless world and make this hard choice in order to get theirr eternal life.

May GOD empowerall of us to please GOD in our daily life to get the electionof rapture and need to takethe last chance.

In Christ love,


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