The Near-Miss Human Civilization

For the existence of life, the precision of various attributes and parameters of the solar system is out of our imagination.

For instance, if the distance of the earth is only a meager 1% nearer to the Sun, the average temperature of the earth will be 19.8 degree celsius.

Do not look down on this 5.8 degree celsius rise in temperature (from currently at 14 degree celsius, before 1688 industrialization, it was around 13 degree celsius, and just this 1 degree celsius rise in temperature due to CO2 and global warming, we have the current monstrous storm, rise of sea level by 20 cm, famine, drought, flood... ..) If this 5.8 degree celsius temperature rise really happen, this would be the end of civilization of the world.

If the distance of the earth is only a minor 1% further from the Sun, the average temperature of the earth will be 8.4 degree celsius. The world will basically become an ice ball for most of the time. This will be the end of civilization of the world also.

Pray for we could see the delicate earth that we are living in, without GOD's wisdom in creating the world with this precision, we will not be here.

Kindly find the calculation.

Temperature Projection the Earth Distance from the Sun

Sun Radius 0.695 million km

Sun surface temperature 5505 Degree Celsius 5778 K

Distance of earth from sun 150 million km

Temperature of earth 14 Degree Celsius 287 K

If distance of earth from sun increase by 1% 151.5 million km

Should be temperature of the earth

(assume other thing constant) 8.4 Degree Celsius 281.4 K

If distance of earth from sun decrease by 1% 148.5 million km

Should be temperature of the earth

(assume other thing constant) 19.8 Degree Celsius 292.8 K


It's amazing isn't it . . . the laws of nature and life on earth have the same creator! :welcome: to CB

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

:welcome: Great blog with compelling undisputed evidence for a creator.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

My husband is leading a small group right now called "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist". A couple of weeks ago the discussion centered on what you address in your blog.

Another thing that was brought up was the placement of the planet Jupiter. It actually acts as a type of defense against astroids heading our way. It is amazing how God placed everything just so, not to merely within the boundaries of the earth but beyond.

:welcome: to CB! May it bless you as it has blessed me!


K :princess:

Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Dear Reynold, Thanks for your feedback. After the Enlightenment lead by Voltaire in mid 18th Century, a lot of Christians were spiritually killed by the banner of rationality. Thanks for your husband's working with other brothers and sisters to fight this wave of mis-interpreted rationality also.

About Jupiter, yes, this is a great star. In fact, this is Star of Messiah, Star of Bethlehem. Jupiter save the Earth from a lot of attacks of astroids. Kindly find the next blog about Jupiter.

Thanks for your encouragement. Thanks for your blessing. May GOD bless you and all your brothers and sisters. In Christ.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·


A factual presentation of the great design the Uncreated One went to such lengths to speak into being through His Word Jesus the universe which God holds in the "span of His hand."

With 1 AU's mean distance of earth from the sun being 92.8 million miles or 150.494 million km, it's amazing the earth was placed exactly at the point from a small star to sustain life on our planet.

You remind me how He holds the universe in the span of His "hand " and how "razor thin the margin for error' is for physical life to maintain.

I think of driving distracted for just 2 or 3 seconds and drifting .5 meters off the road at 120 kph! He does watch over us constantly in His love.

Thank and Blessings in Him,


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