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I have been unemployed for 7 months and have been searching the word of God
I have been unemployed for 7 months and have been searching the word of God to find out what I should really do. Do I keep pursuing the same career I have done for the last 15 years or try a new direction. Is God trying to tell me to take a new direction. I have been trying a 100% sales commission job from home but so far have not made any sales. My son wants me to repair motorcycle from home. I just don't know what to do and God is not giving me a clear direction. How do I find the direction that God wants me to take. Do I wait for someone to show me or do I just keep trying new things until some works for me. My wife has been very patient during this time but it is ruining her health. I am the one bread winner and we are about the lost our house. Am I suppose to lose everything and start over. I am not afraid to start over but it will be hard on my wife and daughter(who is handicapped).

Published: Jun 27 2009 07:54:06am

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Dan Kelley (@lineman)

Hi RW, My wife and I have been through things like this too and I have come to the conclusion that God has a very specific thing that He wants each of us to do, but it is always our choice. How to find the one thing that He wanted me to do was my problem for a long time. One day I got a PowerPoint from someone by email and it dawned on me after watching it that because I know that the Lord always hears my prayers, and because I know that He loves me, and because He has promised that if I call He will answer I can know for sure that He wants the best for me. It also dawned on me that all I need to do is ASK Him and He will show me the way He wants me to go. Sounds like a lot of faith is required, and in a way maybe, but think about this. Why not ask God to close every door that He does not want you to go through (i.e. make every thing you could be doing either of no interest or make it so that you cannot do it even if you wanted to). Then ask Him to open, in a very obvious way, the only door that He wants you to go through (i.e. make the one thing He wants you to do very obvious and easily done). This really works! It sounds almost too simple, but why should it be any more complicated for us just to know God's will in our lives? God wants us to be happy and so we know that He will not lead us down a road (or through a door) that we really would not want to follow if we could see from the beginning to the end. As an example, when my wife and I moved to a certain city I was concerned that I would end up in a cubical someplace and never be able to share God's love with anyone else and so I asked Him not to put me in a "box" someplace. I did NOT want to be in a cubical or stuck in a truck or car unless that is where He wanted me to be, but I NEVER expected that I would end up parking cars for a living. I have a college degree and several talents that I could be using, but I have never been so happy with a job as I am right now. What I am saying is that when you ask God for something very specific you will get a very specific answer, so ask Him to close every door unless He wants to you walk through it. Then you will KNOW that this (new?) opportunity is exactly what He wants you to be doing and you can put your whole heart into it. It might be that motorcycle repair is exactly what He wants, or He might have something totally different in mind for you. Just ask! If it helps, take a look at this very short web page presentation of this topic: Knowing God's Will ). It's great to see that you want to do whatever it is that God wants you to do. By the way, it is also my belief that when we get into financial difficulties, because of poor choices or for whatever reason, we can ask God to help us get out of the mess we are in. He will do that as well, and all just because He loves us. Blessings!

Dan Kelley (@lineman)

Hi again RW, just wanted to add that if after praying about this (even right now is not to soon) you have a motorcycle that is needing some work, I'm not so sure I'd go out and buy a whole bunch of tools, but I do think you should start working on that bike. If God has something else that He wants you to be doing He'll let you know. Then you can finish the bike and start on whatever else comes up. Blessings

Marvin Wash (@progfrog)

Well, my friend ... what are the possibilities of you being hired into a position from your former career path of 15 years? Your resume' would be pretty strong with that experience behind you. If there are employment opportunities there for you, it certainly would be prudent to apply for the available positions. Changing careers is always risky, but rewarding when it occurs. I have made complete career shifts 5 times, and each one has been a blessing and an opportunity for growth. You can still pursue a "change" even when occupied in any given job, so even if you return to your former career, God can open other doors. 100% commission sales positions (I worked in that realm for 9 years) can be good, but there are usually lean times. It is best to have a REAL passion for (or belief in the product) whatever you are selling, in order to transmit that excitement and "sense of urgency" to the prospective buyer. It can be challenging. As for motorcycle repair: Are you good at it? Do you enjoy it? If so, you can market your business locally and create a very inexpensive website to enhance your visibility and marketing. I would recommend doing some research on the Internet to determine who your competition is in your area, what the going repair rates are (so you can establish a favorably competitive rate) and even determine how many motorcycle owners are in your area (through sales statistics from local dealers, motorcycle clubs, etc.), types of motorcycles owned (to see if there is a great enough need for your services) and then determine if you have the knowledge and ability to service those needs. If you have a few motorcycles available to repair (friends, etc.), that could be the beginning of your grassroots marketing, and put food on the table. As for God's direction in this: Does your church offer any help at all? You might want to speak with a pastor at your church and tell him of your situation. I do know this ... in the matter of priorities - it is always God first, family second and job third. And as stated in Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.", when you seek God, he will direct your path. I know He wants the very best for your family, and He wants you to take care of them. God can open any door - the most important thing right now is not WHICH job you do, it is finding a job that will attend to your family's needs, embracing that job, and honoring God as you perform the job to the best of your ability. Be anxious for nothing my friend, just be diligent in seeking opportunity. Keep praying and seeking God, and remember - especially since much of your financial status seems to be upside down - the specific JOB is not the real question - it is "What can I do to meet my family's needs?" Honor God in this, and He will open those doors.

Ruth Papalii (@deanna)

Yes! my brother I pray for you to. And I believe all these other blogs, trust in the Lord! he will fulfill your needs. Specially because he knows your needs, he knows all our needs and what? we need to do to fulfill them. I also pray for your wife that God will touch her also and bring people to help her, and to encourage her that God has it all under control. All she needs to do is trust God. God will come through, because he is our provider (Jehova Jirah) believe him. He will! help you. Signed your sister in Christ.

Brianna Van Schaick (@miracle111)

I have been having this problem for a couple years now. I'm a 2 year nursing student. and I am in my first year of nursing school. I have always felt nursing was pushed on me by my parents. i do enjoy helping people... but i dread clinical(where you go to the hospital and work) and nursing classes. I have always felt it was not right for me. I am passionate about SINGING (mainly, but i want a stable job before i try to go for that), Secondly Environmental Science (i have always found a passion and interest in), Caring for others and animals. I also love law and order... I have so many likes.. i dont know what God wants me to do. Right now in nursing school... to be honest i'm really unhappy... I have no clue if its right for me. Its not that I don't like people but i have always feared hospitals, and needles and such. I'm struggling in school (failing my nursing classes - you have to get a 75 to pass) But I am really enjoying and learning a lot in an advanced biology class. My parents told me that if i get through nursing they will let me continue in music. But its not about what i want to do... its about what God wants me to do. I feel like I'm not in this program for the right reasons... So any suggestions? I'm really up for anything.

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