A night at work, Angry people, a Sore leg, and an awesome God.
lol. i actually said i was gonna go to bed 30 mins ago but shhh. I wont tell mum, if u dont.

Goodness me, what a day its been :).. After nearly dying from the heat, we finally got a good down pour of rain! That was quite exiciting but not really relevant i guess.

For the few people who know me, well they would know that i went and visited my old town where i used to live a few weeks back and whilst they know all the cool stuff that happened.. a few of them also know that i had the unfortunate joy of falling through a deck/verandah thing. You know them wooden deck things that go around the house.. well one of them things! Feel free to laugh coz it was kinda funny and random. Anyway, i did a fair good job at ripping my leg open and it simply will not heal. Its been a few weeks and i still have a large hole in my leg that will just not scab over. Ive had stitches, ive used steri strips, ive used this second skin stuff, but nothing seems to work. Anyway, today i had another Drs appointment to try angd get the sucker sorted out and whilst he kinda did sort it out, I would not recommend it for fun. Without going into too much information, he dug around in the crater on my leg and removed some stuff and dressed it and told me to come back on wednesday. That was fine, however i had to head to work straight after it. Work being 5 buildings down from the Dr's surgery i decided to just hobble on down and clock myself in.Work was fine til my leg started playing up, suddenly the anaesthetic was wearing off (yep, im a sook and didnt wanna feel him doing his thing) and where the Dr was poking and proding began to hurt. After 10 mins of battling the pain, i let it defeat me so i went and found my duty manager to ask if it were possible that i get everything that needed to be done, done and i head home to prop my leg up. He kinda didnt really like that idea and i began to feel guilty for asking, so i said dw about it and walked off.

As i was walking back to where the stock was, I decided that i would start filling the milk up. Now usually this is pretty easy but its only easy when everything u need is there. For whatever reason, the 3 most popular milks were not in the cool room. They were no where to be seen. So, i did what i could do and went off to do some other stuff. As i walked out the doors onto the floor, i was met by an angry and tired group of people who wanted to know why there wasnt any of the milk they wanted (little do they know, they all come from the same cows). I explained to them that i was sorry that it wasnt there and that it was out of my controls. I work in a supermarket and people think that i wake up in the morning and decide that im gonna purposely not have stock there to make someones life difficult. its a funny world we live in. Once i got through the crowd, i put my head down so as not to draw attention by customers and i walked off to the bathroom. Once i got in there, I reached for my mobile phone or cellphone for u guys in america and looked down to read a text message from my best friend asking how work was going. Upon reading this i just started crying for i was tired and sore and nothing was working the way it should have been.. SMOOTHLY. I had a tearie and got myself sorted out.. or as sorted out as i could be and went out the back to get some more stock to fill. I pulled the trolley out and started placing the eggs on the shelf and noticed a dude walking up and down behind me. I didnt wanna say anything to him but he was 'mumbling away', So i turned around to him looking rather attractive with blood shot eyes from crying and asked if i could help him find something. He looked at me and said quietly.. No not really, But are u a christian?.. I quietly answered back with a Yes whys that? and he said that He felt that he need to pray for me, each time he walked past he felt that i needed something, a touch from God and some reassurance.

Well. me being me in an awkward situation just smiled and said Gee thanks and he Looked at my name badge and said 'Shani... ... Shani Shani.. im praying' and off he went to Do his shopping. I went out the back, hid amongst the milk crates and cried. Not sad tears anymore, but tears of relief. tears of reassurance and hope, tears of thankfullness knowing that God saw the tears shed in the bathroom and provided comfort, through the means of a man id never even seen in my life and quite likely never ever see again in my life. How awesome is God, once again He picked me up when i was down. All i can do now is praise His name!
I might have to go to my room to do that one though otherwise im gonna be in strife lol :)

Hope You all have an amazing and blessed day in the Lord

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Alison Stewart

I'm with ptl... A great testimony.You bless me to bits girl!



How I marvel at your ability to write blogs in bed in your sleep!!!!!

Remember though, God catches every tear that falls and collects every prayer uttered.
And I'm with these two, I so pray that your leg will leal quickly.

:heart: mum

Eileen Algaze

Wow what an amazing story! LOL!!!! Shani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go visit you in Australia my sister! I need to bump into one of them fine looking aussies... LOL heehee... Okay but on the serious side now... Isnt our God amazing and wonderful???? Look how He uses other people to get t hrough to us to show us how much He really loves us! God gave you that special treatment!!!! you must have felt truely like His little :princess: Your awesome dude!!!