He completes me.
I really wrestled with whether or not to post this, simply because it is kinda personal but After sleeping on it and getting it proof-read, I finally decided that it would be worth it to post it, because of this ‚‚¬‚ in the past few days, I have noticed a trend among my friends in our conversations -As women, we have a few similar desires. We want to be loved. We long to feel beautiful. We ache to know that we are worth it. But everything in this world is fighting against us, trying to distract us from what will ultimately fulfill those desires. It's good to be reminded of the truth. So, here it goes.

Sometimes, life is really hard. Being 19 and still single its easy to feel lonely. I kinda long for love. I battle with myself as I fight the temptation to attract inappropriate attention to myself with the way I dress. I want to be beautiful.

But, in times like this, it is wonderful to come to the Lord and be in His presence.

To come to him and remember first knowing Jesus as my saviour, and recalling how his perfect love finally filled that hole in my heart. Remembering how, for the first time in my life, I didn't feel alone. When my longing to love and be loved finally had a place in which to be fulfilled.

To counter the lies with the Truth, and realize that I am so desirable and so worthwhile that Jesus suffered and died and bore the wrath of God's sin for me even as my rebellious soul hated him and wandered.
To read his Word and realise that I am already wanted. I am already being pursued. And nothing I can wear or do will ever change that.

To come to the Scriptures, and hear the words 'You are beautiful, because I am beautiful',whispered between the lines on every page. The message ingrained in between every word in a book that describes a God so mighty that he could create the vibrant cosmos out of nothing, move the mountains with his hands, tell the sea to calm with his voice. A book that describes the same God working every moment of history to bring his people to him, to save them. To know them personally. To love them intimately.

To come to realise that in Jesus, I have everything that I long for .A man who stands in front of me, with more love in his eyes than every man in all the world past, present, and future combined could ever muster, and thinks more than Wow, He thinks, Yes. This one is mine. I formed her before she was born. I watched her as she grew. I predestined her to know and love me. And on the day that she came into my arms, I and all of heaven lept with joy. Yes. This one is mine. Forever.‚‚¬

On days like this, I am speechless. What words can describe a love like this? He is good!
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Tan Yeowhwa+

Hi Shani , loneliness is not new to everyone. Everyone can get lonely, including married people.:confused: So do not look to a marriage or a relationship to end it all, because it will not happen. It may solve your temporal loneliness, but never the deep empty lonely soul for long.:mrgreen:

That can only be filled by Jesus. Trust God to meet your need of a life-partner in His time. God also needs time to arrange and ordain the chosen man and then to bring him to you. Meanwhile continue to lean upon His love and His fellowship.

In His time, God will make all things beautiful.:flower::flower:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

K Reynolds+

Ah Sweetie... . :flower::heart::princess:

I am sending you a huge hug right now! I am remembering right now of a time that I was in church after one of my chemo treatments. The worst one I had actually. The inside of my very bones hurt as a powerful drug called Neulasta (it is $5,000.00 US dollars a shot and requires a specially-trained nurse to give it) wrecked havoc on my bones as it worked to stimulate accelerated blood cell production. Trust me. It hurts something terrible... like nothing I've ever felt before.

Standing there in horrible pain, broken, sick and bald, I suddenly felt the presence of God and... :eek: He seemed to be looking straight at me! I cringed Shani, I really did for as silly as it seems, I didn't want anyone, even God to look at me. Oh, how He gently spoke to me and whispered my name. He wanted to know what was wrong. I told Him I didn't want him to see me like this. He asked me why and I told Him I was too ugly. Oh... I will never forget this Shani. He told me all He saw was His beautiful precious :princess:! This is for all of us!


K :princess:

Linda Young


Come and meet my son. He's 23, single and lonely too. His mother has taught him to be a great husband! He cooks and does laundry!

Thank you for this beautiful blog. I'm glad you published it. I wish I had been as wise and spiritually mature as you are when I was your age.