Lest We Forget
Today in church i heard a young girl describe her father as a hero. I remember thinking, Wow! How great is that to be a hero in the eyes of your own child? It also got me thinking. What is a hero? What makes a person into a hero?

When i was younger, my heroes came from comic books. They wore capes. They also wore their underwear outside their tights. They lept tall buildings in a single bound and repeatedly saved the planet from domination and destruction.

As ive gotten older, ive recognised others, not so super heroes, but heroes just the same.
‚· The fire fighters who rush into burning buildings while others are rushing out.
‚· The person who stands up for the weak and marginalised ;who stand against slavery, and racism, and exploitation, and the abuse of children.
‚· The ordinary people who generously give their time and effort to help victims of drought, and fire, and flood.

These are the people who demonstate the spirit of heroism.

It's the same spirit possessed by the Aussie diggers at Anzac Cove who stood shoulder to shoulder with their mates in the most treacherous conditions. It s the same spirit shown by the brave soldiers at Tobruk, on the Kokoda Trail, at Long Tan, and a multitude of other places where brave souls stood, fought and died together to secure liberty and dignity for many. It s shown today by the dedicated men and women who place themselves in dangerous places to establish and maintain freedom in places as near as East Timor and as far away as Iraq and Afghanistan.
As I thought about this, I think I discovered something that must lie in the heart of every hero. I can t prove this nor do i have scientific or academic studies to back it up. But it seems to me that in the heart of every hero there is a selfless desire to help somebody in need even if that comes at a high personal cost. Heroes put the wellbeing of others ahead of their own.

Some give money, but that is the bottom rung of the ladder. More heroic souls give time, energy, comradship and inspiration. The most heroic of all give their lives.

My hero, Jesus,said, Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends (John 15:13. NKJV). Then he took it one better and gave his life for his enemies.

On this Anzac Day, tomorrow infact.I will be awake and at the memorial at 5:30am, ready to honour and remember our fallen heroes. As they read the ode and play the last post, I will remember the young men and women who gave their lives so that i can live the life i live today. i will remember the digger who left his family behind to come fight a war that was much bigger than him.I will remember the man who selfessly put his life on the line for a mate. I will remember them, and i will shed a tear and i will stand proud of the people who have gone before me. Lest we forget.

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K Reynolds+

Oh Shani, we must never forget! As I was reading this I thought about "poppy day" here in the U.S. My dad, a veteran, always bought a poppy for me and told me to not forget that others fought and died for me that I could live. I fear though that most people here have no idea of what happened and I fear it means nothing to them.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart

Wow! What a way to start the morning..by reading this awesome blog! Thank you for the reminder Shani. Your blog reminded me that a promise fulfilled by one soldier for another who later died, is the very reason I was born and brought up in New Zealand.

I often take issue with the way actors and singers are worshipped and adored and yet, comparitively speaking, they contribute far less than others who give everything they have to help those in need.

My hero, Jesus,said, Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends (John 15:13. NKJV). Then he took it one better and gave his life for his enemies

I fall far short but I am very glad I have reminders like your blog. Now I have had the reminder, the challenge is the 'action'.

Thank you, Sweets!


hey dave.

thanks for reading and commenting on this blog. Each year on the 25 April, i take time to remember the men who fought for australia, the men and women who are still fighting for australia, aswell as the those peacekeeping. May god Bless you Abundantly Dave! :)