let it shine.
I opened the blinds to be blinded by the sun smashing my window this morning.. Summer is in the air my friends. Well at least… it was this morning. This afternoon as I walked in the door, a large gust of wind closed the door behind me. Hmmmm there is something about Sundays I just simply love but that’s a new post for a rainy day.

After getting home from church today.. I was quickly dumped with my little sister whilst the parentals went off for a motorbike ride. The plan was that Jodie and I would take the dog for a walk and come back and watch a movie. This plan fell flat on its face though, upon looking out the windows to discover big thick storm clouds rolling down the hill. Jodie started complaining when I suggested that maybe it was best to stay indoors and maybe if the rain passed we would then take the dog for her walk to the pond. My sister, like me- somewhat hates being stuck indoors. Its no fun and Sunday afternoon television is ridiculous. Its full of shows that are as old as the hills and if its not them.. its racing of some sort. So we bit the cherry and took the dog for a walk. As we walked down the street, I suddenly became aware that the tree a few houses down is currently being occupied by Magpies. Magpies are territorial birds that decide to swoop people who get too close and well.. Jodie and myself were too close apparently. Before I had the chance to tell Jodie that she needed to put something over her head whilst we walked past, the dreaded magpie had struck. Now, survival technique 101 for these little suckers.. if someone is getting attacked by one.. don’t stand around to laugh. RUN! A common rule many, Including myself, forget. As I stood there laughing at Jods getting swooped, I suddenly felt something zoom past my ear, heck it was the daddy magpie and I was his target. All of a sudden things didn’t seem so funny anymore. Both of us were being attacked and people were driving past us laughing. Finally after a 100 metre sprint to get ourselves out of the situation we began to chuckle and think of them "next time that happens, im gonna….. "

As we approached the pond, Jodie being the beautiful little sister she is, decides it will be awesome to kick water from the puddle at me. My white shirt.. was not so white anymore. This was the start of the rest of the days epic war. We took the dog back home kicked off the shoes and decided that seeing as we were wet already we would make the most of it. There were puddles everywhere, the gutters were gushing with water and it was simply awesome. As Jodie and I were parading around the street wetting each other and laughing at the top of our lungs, a young girl who goes to school with Jodie wanted in on the action. She saw her mum and ran to her excitedly to ask if she could come and play.. Her mothers answer is what has prompted me to write this blow. Her mother said that what we were doing was childish and that her daughter was too old to play in puddles. Hold on! Did I hear right! Childish?! Too Old?! Here I am at 19, still playing in the rain, jumping in the puddles and having an awesome time doing so!

I began to wonder if maybe what we were doing was childish.. then I remembered K :princess: telling me that there is a difference between childish and childlike.. and it dawned on me.. we weren’t being childish.. we were having childlike fun and we were having a wonderful time doing so! So many times, I see young people suddenly become too old for stuff. Its like they let age become that thing that defines them. The word says in Matthew "Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" I encourage you all, Never ever let that inner child flame burn out. I guarantee, if you let it surface once in awhile.. You will have amazingly fun day like mine was!

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Its the vigil of the break of dawn in my town in Texas, and I just enjoyed your story of how your day was like. And I like the message to never grow old to have fun and pehaps step in a puddle once in a while...

Thanks for sharing...


Alison Stewart

Maaaaaan! If I'd been there you would have had to make room in the puddle for me. I love puddle jumping (in them, not over them)! I still have the visuals firmly in my mind of all six kids in a lovely deep puddle at the bottom of our driveway when the storm water overflowed. There was water flying every where!

When it came to water fights it was six against one so... well... .I had to use the garden hose because I didn't have a chance otherwise :mrgreen:

So... if I can still jump in puddles at my ripe old age then you go for it girl. Have a ball. Age is a state of mind. Wisdom is being able to move with the opportunities.

Great blog!


Eileen Algaze

hm... i Guess my wish for jumping into a pool filled with Straberry jelly is still a good idea to do at the age of 22. LOL. Sigh... your so right! thanks for this wonderful blog! and for making me laugh some!